Thursday, January 12, 2006

Excerpts From My Diary: Day Five {Payton's Birth}

Today Payton's oxygen was turned down from 30 to 25, per the cardiologist. They are trying to wean her, as long as she does okay. She is ... or she seems to be ... very lethargic today. She tuckers out easily when eating and falls asleep quickly. She hasn't been eating as much as the doctors would like, but she is also on an IV still and getting fluids that way. The doctors are also trying to wean her off of the IV. They told us they might insert a feeding tube if she doesn't eat as much as they would like, or if she continues to tucker out.

My nerves are shot today ... I'm very worried about her being so lethargic.

Payton's bilirubin count is down a couple of points today, but she is still under the lights so that her levels don't go in the wrong direction. She also is being continued on antibiotics, even though there are no signs of infection ... I'm told this is precautionary.

This afternoon, while bottle feeding, Payton sucked well, but forgot to breathe and couldn't keep up with swallowing. Her oxygen saturation fell and her lips turned blue ... luckily the nurse was in the room and was able to turn on an oxygen supplement quickly. The doctor examined her and said to give her oxygen while she feeds and to insert a feeding tube to give her whatever she doesn't take from the bottle.

At 8:00 p.m., I was able to nurse and they let me try without an oxygen supplement, as I think she does better on the breast than bottle. She did great! Prior to her 8:00 p.m. feeding, they had inserted the feeding tube.

I called at midnight to see how her 11:00 p.m. feeding went on the bottle. They said it went good, but they had given her an oxygen supplement. Despite this, she took the entire bottle with no problems.

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