Monday, August 28, 2006

Early Intervention

Today we had our 6-month IFSP evaluation. She was evaluated on expressive communication and gross motor....she was ranked at 6 months developmentally in both categories. Payton is now 7 1/2 months old, so she is a little behind, according to them. She ism however, on the cusp of moving to the next range, so that is good. For gross motor, they won't increase her range until she can sit unassisted for 10 minutes. While she CAN sit for 10 minutes, she still falls over on occasion, so we have to get past that before they'll bump her up. Either way, she is doing great in the whole scheme of things!!

Up until this point we have only had PT twice per month. Although the therapists don't feel Payton needs it, we will be adding ST once per month.


ST home activity suggestions:

*Try hard/tough solids to encourage gumming/chewing on the sides - the goal is not biting and eating! This is a nice way to work on bringing food to her mouth (holding and bringing to mouth). Try using pizza crust, hard edges/pieces of bagel and/or beef jerky/fruit strips.

*Place the meltable solids towards the sides of her mouth to encourage chewing (i.e. fruit puffs).

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