Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mason is sick...

Today daycare called saying that Mason didn't feel well and had a temp of 101.6 ... meaning he had to be picked up. Kyle went to get him and as soon as he pulled out of the parking lot from daycare, Mason threw up all over his car. Poor little guy. Well, poor big guy too, I suppose. Mason has never had the stomach flu and I have dreaded this day. He seemed to be doing better later this afternoon, even wanted to eat. Well, big mistake. About an hour ago, he threw up all over our couch. Ick. I ran him into the toilet and he looked up at me and said with a miserable little voice, "Mommy ... no more." Poor bub ... I hope he gets past this quick ... and that he gets through the night! I put a huge rubbermaid tub right next to his bed and told him to lean over and throw up in there if he feels sick. We'll see if he grasped that concept!


  1. oh no. poor bubba... i hope he gets over it soon and no one else gets it!!!

  2. Poor Mason :( Those sicky bugs are no fun. I hope he's feeling better and the rest of you are able to stay clear of it!

  3. awww, poor Bub!! I hope he feels better soon and this doesn't get passed along to your whole house hold.