Monday, July 16, 2007

Another funny conversation with Mason ...

This morning Mason asked me if I wanted to go into the basement with him to play ... that is his favorite place to play. The conversation went something like this ...

Mason: Mommy, do you want to go to the basement with me to play?
Me: Sure honey, maybe after I put Payton down for a nap.
Mason: (In a voice clearly trying to lure me) I have really cool toys down there ... and cartoons ... and a jumpy gym ...
Me: (Sounding surprised) You do?
Mason: Yep!

Short and sweet, but hysterically funny how he was trying to lure me to the basement based on his really cool toys. I love that kid!


  1. Tell Mason that Darah has really cool toys she would love to share with him! :) He's so sweet! I wish he was coming to KC as well.

  2. Mason, you are a hoot! I want to jump on your jumpy gym, what is the weight limit again? LOL