Thursday, September 6, 2007

Photo time with Mommy

We have been so busy lately, that my photo taking and blogging have been lacking. So now it is catch up time! I started out taking pictures of Payton ...

And then I asked her to show me where her nose was ... and she did! (You don't understand ... we have been working on this with her for forever!!)

And then of course her brother had to pop in and show us that he knew where his eyes were ...

And here is some video of my girl dancing, playing peek-a-boo and waving bye bye!


  1. yeah payton on finding your nose!!! mayson always grabs mine instead of her own! man, that hurts!

  2. Payton, you are getting so big!! Tell your mama that I'll call her back tomorrow....I've been REALLY REALLY BAD LATELY!!!!!!!

  3. Have I ever told you how much I love your children? Squeeze them for me!
    And mom, good job w/ Ole' McDonald ;)

  4. Wow, Payton is so bright! She's getting so big, too!