Sunday, November 25, 2007

Another Conversation with Mason

We had sloppy joes for dinner tonight. Mason was eating a little slow and I told him to hurry up because I had a treat for him when he was done. He was still eating when I took Payton up for a bath, so we sort of forgot about his treat. After his bath, he asked me where his treat was. I told him it was downstairs waiting for him. We went downstairs and I told him to sit in his chair as I was unwrapping an ice cream sandwich ...

Mason: I fink [think] I will save my treat until morning.
Me: Are you sure?
Mason: Yes, it is 1 o'clock [it really was about 9 o'clock] and it is time for bed.
Me: Okay.

Mason then went upstairs to bed. He cracks me up. It was like he was the parent and I was the kid.

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