Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mason Funny

Kyle takes the kids to daycare every day, and I pick them up. I called Kyle this morning before he left the house to remind him to take a check to daycare to pay tuition. He called me later to tell me about his conversation with Mason after hanging up the phone with me ...

Mason: Who was that?
Kyle: Mommy.
Mason: What did she want?
Kyle: She wanted to tell me to take a check to daycare to pay for your school.
Mason: Ohhh, pay monies for my school?
Kyle: Yeah, we have to pay money for you to go to school.

Kyle continues getting the kids stuff together so they can leave the house. In the meantime, Mason went upstairs and came back downstairs to leave for school. When they got to school, Mason held out his tightly fisted hand and said ...

Mason: Should we go give this to Ms. April?
Kyle: What is it?

Mason opened his hand to reveal 8 cents that he must have gotten from his piggy bank when he went upstairs prior to leaving the house.

Kyle: Aww, thanks buddy, but I'll pay for it this time.
Mason: Ok.

Mason put his money in his cubby and the rest is history. Kyle said it melted his heart and it melts mine too. He really is such a good kid.