Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sleep Study

Payton had a sleep study last night. I pushed for one to be done and her ENT obliged. I have heard from various sources that all kids with Down syndrome should have a sleep study done by age three. Various other sources may not agree with that, but it made sense to me so I scheduled it.

Payton fell asleep on the way to the sleep study (it was at Children's Hospital in DC), so we were not off to a very good start, considering she was supposed to fall asleep when we got there. We ended up having to wait for probably an hour for the room to be cleaned (go figure), so luckily I had that time to try to wear her out. She was not very happy with the tech when he was hooking her wires up. I decided to give her a bottle (yes, she still gets that dang bottle at bedtime) to try to distract her. She eventually got used to him prodding her, bless her heart. There were wires attached to her scalp, her forehead, her cheeks and her chest. She also had a nasal canula and a sticker that was a microphone under her nose to monitor her breathing and sounds. She tossed and turned all night, all the while tangled in wires. I didn't sleep much either, so we were happy to get out of there in the morning! We should find out the results in about 2-3 weeks.

Here she is ...

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  1. Any results yet? Darah had one done on the 6th and I have to call to see if her results are in.