Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mason had his second dentist appointment

Last Monday, Mason went for his second teeth cleaning. He was a little apprehensive, but we got through it. They said his teeth looked great. At his first visit, they had been a little concerned that he didn't have enough over an overbite, but they said it looked fine now and that it seemed to be getting better. They also commented on the spacing between his teeth, saying that the spaces between his teeth are actually good for when his adult teeth come in, as they will have plenty of room. No cavities either!


  1. Great news!!! The dentist told me the same thing about the spaces between Kameron's teeth. Now Kassidy on the other hand... poor child. We're saving for braces now!

  2. Good news! I love seeing good reports!! :) My poor kids got my "spacing" which means their little teeny teeth are on top of each other. We've got serious orthodontic time headed our way! lol!