Sunday, January 20, 2008

My husband ... Payton's hair ... chicken nuggets

Yesterday Kyle had the kids all day by himself. Not a big deal, he is a great daddy. The one problem with him having the kids by himself is that Payton doesn't get her hair done. Now anyone that knows us knows that I usually require that Payton have her hair done cute. :) However, when it is just daddy, she gets a barrette that she pulls out and then her hair falls in her face all day. He claims he just can't put her hair in a ponytail and I don't understand what is so hard about it. So we have planned to have "hair boot camp", but that just hasn't happened yet.

So yesterday while I was gone, I got a text message that said, "I did my first ponytail and she loves it." LOL Apparently it didn't last long because he didn't do it tight enough, but hey, it is a start!

Anyone who knows us also knows that Payton has quite the eating habit, or lack thereof. :( She is still on baby jar food mixed with oatmeal for a large portion of her diet, since the only people food she will eat is pizza, yogurt, chips and crackers. I don't think she can live on pizza, so she still gets the baby jar food. Daycare told Kyle the other day that Payton ate two chicken nuggets there, which we have never been able to get her to do. So he tried giving her some yesterday, after I had been working with her on using her fork and stabbing food a few days ago. Well, she ate the chicken nugget ... in fact, she ate six of them all by herself, using her fork and everything! Apparently she wanted to wait until she was two years old to show us how big of a girl she is.

Yay sweet girl ... we have been waiting so long for this!! Oh, and we just fed her dinner tonight and she ate another six nuggets! Wahoo (as Mason would say)!

Here is a video of her eating her nuggets yesterday that Kyle took from his cell phone (I'm not sure why the sound isn't loading) ...


  1. Yea! Payton!

    Now, you wanna come and teach Parker? :)

    Tammy and Parker

  2. Yay for Payton! We are so proud of her!

  3. YEAH big girl!!!!! That is so awesome! How on earth do you get her to eat off of a plate without throwing it? Natalie hates it when we try and use a plate and has even figured out the suction cup ones.


    put in your zip code to find a school near you that you can support to buy those chicken fries. :)