Monday, February 25, 2008

Another day ...

Today Payton did a little better than she did yesterday. We gave her codeine last night and this morning again, and then motrin throughout the day today. She seemed to do well on the motrin, but definitely was hurting more tonight. I have been trying to keep her throat moist, but she is limiting it to chocolate milk and formula. No juice. No water. Nothing. Little stinker! She has barely eaten anything since surgery ... pretty much just Cheerios. She doesn't want anything else ... no ice cream, no yogurt, no baby food, nothing.

We had Payton's transition meeting today too with our Early Intervention (EI) Case Manager and some lady from the public school system (I think). The lady basically just went over the next step for us, which is for Payton to start school within the public school system in September. Yikes!! And yes, they will bus her ... if I let her ... not sure if Kyle and I are ready for our two year old to get on a bus, so my personal bus may have to do. Payton qualifies for this program the fall after she turns two, so that is this September. Basically she will no longer receive therapy from EI here at home, but rather she will be in a school setting probably two mornings per week. She will also get an hour visit from her "educator" here at home ... an "educator" is her teacher. Fancy name, eh? They will evaluate her in a few months to make sure she qualifies for this program. If she does not (which she better), then I think it gets limited to the one hour visit per week with the educator.

We had our IFSP meeting update a few weeks ago, and at that time we were getting ST two hours per month and PT one hour per month. I decided to let go of the PT and pick up OT since Payton's biggest delay is in ST and OT. And no, they won't let us have all three. GRR. So we are waiting to hear from our new OT. We also are looking into getting her private therapy. We were going to do this even before, but now in light of this cleft palate news, we will definitely be persuing this.

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  1. I'm glad Payton is doing a little better. Kennedy was miserable for about 10 days after her T&A. Praying Payton feels MUCH better MUCH sooner than that!