Monday, February 25, 2008

Mason Update

I feel so bad for Mason, like he gets lost in the shuffle of everything we have going on with Payton. He is deprived by no means, but he is hungry for attention when Payton's therapists come to the house to see her. Sometimes I feel like we get so caught up with trying to get Payton further along in her development that Mason gets left behind. Sigh ... maybe I'm just feeling sorry for myself.

Mason seems to be doing much better at school than he was the last time I posted about that a month or two ago. (As I type this, he is walking toward my bedroom and not staying in his bed ... like ALWAYS). The thing I hate about daycare is I feel so out of tune with what he knows academically. His teachers can tell me one thing, but until I see it with my own eyes, it is hard to believe. It is really hard to get him to focus on "learning" here at home ... he'd rather watch TV, play video games ... anything but recite his alphabet, count or learn to write letters. Sigh ... that is going to change my dear son!

Kyle signed Mason up for soccer ... he is finally old enough to participate in an extra-curricular activity and we are so excited, as is he. Every day after school he asks if it is time to go play soccer yet. So cute. I think practice starts in March ... and we thought we had no time now? Oh, things are about to get interesting.


  1. Kameron and Kassidy couldn't STAND it when Kennedy's therapists would come to the house. They wanted the attention so bad it was almost comical! LOL

    Mason is going to LOVE soccer! Kassidy stopped in the middle of her first soccer game to pick a flower! LOL And Kameron... well... he's played for a few seasons now and still runs the wrong way! haha It's fun to watch though! Can't wait to see pics of Mason playing!

  2. Mason is such a sweetheart! I never think of you guys without wondering how he's doing as well. I can't wait for soccer pics of him!!

  3. hang in there. before you know it he will be so busy with soccer and what not, he wont even notice!!!! i bet he does great too!! hope sweet payton i finally feeling better!

  4. Hi - I'm new to your blog :)

    I was just telling my husband that our 4 year old will probably grow up to be a comedian, because he goes crazy for attention whenever anyone comes over.

    You have beautiful children!