Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter 2008

We had a good day today, just hanging out. Here are some pictures from when the kids woke up... the easter bunny left them each a lawn chair. Payton also got a watering can and Mason a bug catcher.

The kids looked for their easter baskets when they woke up ...

Nope, not in here!
Look Payton, here is yours!
Ah hah!

What do we have here?

We attempted to go to church ... got dressed ... even got in the car, but by that time church was starting so we scrapped that plan. Some day we will be on time for church. Some day.

Since we were all dressed up with nowhere to go, we took pictures ...
Shay and Jeremy came over and I cooked supper. I was quite the Martha, if I must say so myself! I made a ham with a brown sugar/pineapple/etc. glaze, seven layer salad, scallop potatoes, and crescent rolls.

After dinner, Mason was playing outside and Payton was sadly watching through the glass sliding door ...

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  1. Good job on the easter dinner. It was quite tasty. anytime you want to make dinner again--we will be there :)