Monday, April 14, 2008

Two word strings

Payton is a little chatter box, in her own language that I sometimes can't understand. Some words I can understand, but I'm not sure that I have heard her put together a two word string, other than "NO NO".

This morning I was putting her coat on and in order to put her arms in the sleeves, she had to set down her baggie of Cheerios. Zoe, our dog, approached and sniffed her baggie. Then, clear as day, "NO DOGGIE!"

Yay Payton! I cheered for her and repeated her ... and of course, kissed on her!


  1. That is so good!! Speech is my big fear with Ella, she HATES speech therapy! By the way my son is 4 and I still wipe his butt : )

  2. I just love reading your stories B! Mason and Payton are truly blessed with such an awesome mom.


  3. E rambles these long diatribes about something that escapes my understanding, but she knows EXACTLY what it is she's saying! It's hilarious to hear! Glad I'm not alone in chatterbox land!

  4. I gave you an award on my blog :)