Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mason's Antics

Apparently Mason has a thing for long sleeves and long pants. Lately, when we ask him to go upstairs and get dressed, he will come down covered from head to toe, even when it is 90 degrees outside. If you laugh at him, he gets mad. If you tell him to put shorts on, he says no.

Tonight, we put him to bed in a t-shirt and underwear. Like always, he is awake and goofing around. He just came downstairs wearing this ...

These are jammies from probably last winter ... a little small, ya think? Crazy kid.


  1. LOL too funny! Kameron is the SAME way! He wears winter jammies all summer long! BTW, I finally got your button on my blog! :)

  2. That is hilarious! I wonder when Elyssa will realize that she can go in her chest of drawers and change her clothes! I will get a good laugh out of it when she does. Too funny!