Friday, June 6, 2008

We have decided to add to our family

No, it isn't what you think. I'm not pregnant. Rather, we are hoping to adopt a little girl with Down syndrome from Russia. We plan to name her Addison and we are very excited! We have started the paper chase and are in the middle of our home study. We have been told that we may travel on our first trip in September, may even late August. Unfortunately, we cannot post any specific information about her just yet. Doing so could jeopardize our adoption and international adoption in general.


  1. What beautiful news for your family. I will say some prayers things go smoothly and you can bring your little girl home soon. She is truly blessed and lucky to have you all as parents and become a part of your wonderful family.

    We will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers!

  2. Yay! That's awesome news. We'll have our fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly for you. Four of my sibs were adopted from Russia. Let us know if there's anything we can do to help.

  3. That is amazing news! You are really doing something great! The little girl is SO lucky!