Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our trip to Boston: Day 1

This past weekend, we drove up to Boston for the national Down syndrome convention that I have attended every year since Payton was born. It is a great place to learn new things, network and meet up with great friends.

We got into town just in time for dinner. I met up with my friends, Stephanie, Renee and Megan, and we headed out to Cheers in my car. The girls rode in the back of my Yukon with no seats and we headed out to 84 Beacon Street, which we put into my navigation system. After driving for what seemed like forever through random city streets, we wondered where the heck Cheers was. Finally, we arrived at our destination ...

Ummm .... yeah ... not so much Cheers. OMG we laughed hysterically and had to take a picture. Apparently there are TWO Beacon Streets in Boston and this particular Beacon Street had 82 and 86 Beacon Street, but no 84 Beacon Street. So back to the hotel we went ... dropped off Kyle and the kids (Payton was asleep by this time) ... and us girls got in a cab with McKenna and Shylo to try to find the real Cheers. All the girls were too scared to ride in the front seat of the cab, so I did for them. LOL. We had the weirdest, creepiest cab driver ever and he gave me a run down of every building we passed. He even told me about how he used to smoke joints in the park we passed. Fabulous. Then he complained about the justice system and about how they turned a Boston jail into a hotel. Maybe I should have pulled my badge out? ROFL. Anyway, we finally got there ...

The girls (L-R: Shylo, me, Renee, Megan, McKenna and Stephanie) ...

Renee, McKenna and me ...

Stephanie and Shylo ...


  1. I am sooooooo jealous!!!! Looks like everyone had a great time. My GPS is wacky, too.

  2. man, I wish i could of joined you that night. looks like so much fun!!!!

  3. That was such a fun night!! I miss everyone so much! WAHHH!!!!

  4. Who's that big red head? She's cute!

  5. Did you all meet Norm? Looks like you had fun! Love, Di