Thursday, July 3, 2008

Two more times!

This morning when Payton woke up, she was dry again. So off to the potty we go ... presto, pee! Woo hoo! Today when I got home from work, she was dry so I put her on the potty ... presto, pee! Man, I never thought it would be this easy with her. Let's just pray it continues!


  1. It's funny cause this is how easy it was with Kallie after I started! Brittany after a week or two regressed but Kallie never did. Prayers that Peyton continues being her awesome little big girl potty using self! LOL That's a mouthful!

  2. i hate youuu!!!!!!!!

    jk, i wish it was easier with Elias .... bwahhhh!

  3. whooo hoooo! WTG Payton! What a big girl! Keep up the good work.

  4. the jealousy bug is biting! BUT I am so happy for you!