Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Crib

Mason never liked his crib. I always attributed it to the fact that we kept him in the co-sleeper in our room until he was about four months old. Plus I nursed him and he always fell asleep prior to being laid in his crib. So, he never was one of those babies that you can just lay in the crib and they will fall asleep. Ohhh no. He always wanted to be rocked for awhile ... he was such a cuddle bug.

Fast forward two years, Payton was born. Payton has never been a huge fan of her crib either. It is the same crib Mason had ... is the mattress hard or something? I was determined to have her be a good crib sleeper, so I think she only stayed in the co-sleeper in our room until about two months old. But, I nursed her too and she also always feel asleep prior to being laid in her crib. Sigh. So, we have never been able to just put her in the crib either ... she screams until one of us rock her for awhile, just like we did with her brother. She is just a cuddle bug too.

Mason did much better after we moved him into a big boy bed at two years old. We have been wanting to move Payton into a big girl bed too, but we just haven't yet. She usually naps in Mason's bed and she loves it. She does so much better in regular beds that I'm hoping this having to console her at bedtime routine will stop once she gets a big bed.

Tonight I just put her to bed with Mason. They both were so exhausted from a busy evening at the fair that they just passed out. I just went in to check on them and Payton is cuddled up against Mason's back. So cute.

So ... are my kids the only kids who hate/hated their cribs? Have we created sleep monsters here? I am so hoping that Addison is a good sleeper! After 4 1/2 years of this, we deserve a good sleeper!


  1. i read somewhere that since in the homes like Addison is, they cant cuddle with all the kids, they just fall asleep on their own

    Elias hated his crib too! we lived with my dh's grandparents until Elias was 11 months, so we always had his crib in our room, and not only will not fall asleep on his own but if he woke up and he was on his crib he just cried until i took him to sleep with us..

    even when we moved to an apartment, and he had his own room, uhm no, he cried too much, i tried to let him cry until he fall asleep, i used the method of going every 5 min to check in.. but didnt worked..

    so that was the story of our lifes, until we moved to the house, and we put the crib as a bed with a rail, and it worked! he still can't fall asleep on his own bed, but he fall asleep watching tv on our bedroom

    i dont have to rock, cuddle, massage him, sing to him!! still sometimes i do, but is much relaxed now.

    Elias also did wonderful sleeping in other beds, but never on his crib, weird huh?

  2. well mayson is a wonderful crib sleeper but she is the only one out of my three. my other two were horrible sleepers... i mean horrible!! They both did do better once they got their big beds but then they could come running to our bed in the night too! haha. it never ends!! lol. good luck!

  3. I did something with my kids called "Babywise." It's all about creating a routine for them where they eat, have waketime and then sleep. That way they don't fall asleep right after eating. It helps them get use to going to sleep on their own in their crib. It totally worked for me and because of this routine, it helped them sleep at night REALLY well. Actually, by the time they were all about 3 months old (or a little earlier), they were sleeping from around 10pm until 7am. Now, my oldest two sleep from 7pm - 7am (or close to it). They are now 12 hour sleepers! Victoria is sleeping from about 10pm until 7am now.

    Anyway, if you have any questions about it, feel free to email me. It worked for my kids ... all three of them. So, I totally thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread!

  4. My kids hated their cribs- I have attibuted to nursing at night. Alida never even slept in her crib. Now that Carson is 4, he finally sleeps through the night in his own bed.