Friday, August 15, 2008

Did he really just do that?

The other night, we were in the backyard with the kids playing baseball. Mason decided to go stand behind the toddler swing {Lord knows why} and about the same time Kyle decided it would be a good idea to chuck {and I mean chuck} a baseball at the toddler swing. The force of the ball caused the toddler swing to hit Mason in the face and blood gushed everywhere, so much that I thought it was coming out of both nostrils. Poor Mason ... apparently Kyle had forgotten that his aim wasn't the best after trying throwing balls at the dunk tank.


  1. I started laughing-isn't that awlful of me? I remember playing with a basketball in the raquet club room and I threw it on the ground so hard and it came up and SMACKED Jaz right in the face. She was 3 at the time and just kind of stood there and then all of a sudden fell back. I felt so bad and then Jerry said-why did you do that? I didn't know. I guess I didn't realize it would come back up and hit her! Dah, mom gravity.