Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mason and the medicine

Throughout the day yesterday, Mason was feeling progressively worse. His fever went up and he spent the entire day in my bed watching TV. After I put Payton down for nap, I went in to lay with Mason because I haven't been feeling well either. He was burning up, so I gave him some children's Tylenol cold/cough with fever reducer. Well you would have thought I was asking him to drink the worst concoction on the face of this earth. I told him to plug his nose and swallow. Well, instead he held it in his mouth, gagged and threw up all over. He had just eaten macaroni and cheese, so I'll leave the rest to your imagination. Ish.

I'm not quite sure what the issue is with this sort of medicine, because he normally will take everything else fine. He will take Delsym down like it is candy. This happened one other time when he was younger, he was probably two years old. He was burning up and we had to pin him down to get some Tylenol in him. He was so upset and gagged so much that he threw up that time too ... all over the couch. He had just eaten macaroni and cheese that time too {that is a staple in our house}.


  1. Britty is HORRIBLE with liquid meds. SO much so that the Pediatrician now only will give her pills. It's aweful! I hope he is feeling better soon!

  2. Larkin can take adult tylenol. We give her half of a 325mg tablet. Ask his doc about that.

  3. Mac and cheese vomit is the worse! I have a bunk bed mac and cheese vomit story that I will spare you. Let's just say I am glad I was on the top bunk! My poor sister...

    Is Mason better now??? Poor guy!