Monday, September 15, 2008

Color Crazy

Last night the kids went crazy with coloring. I think between the two of them they went through about 30 pieces of paper. Thank goodness for washable markers, because at times I think they thought my kitchen table was a piece of paper. Here are a few of their final projects ...

One of Ms. Payton's originals ...
And a few from Mr. Mason himself ...

Mason is growing up so fast! I was so impressed by this last picture he drew ... since when does he know how to draw like that? It seems like just yesterday that he was scribbling just like Payton. Sigh. My boy is getting so big!


  1. those are great! Mason does great stick people!! :)
    My mayson is finally starting to color now instead of eating the crayons!

  2. I'm still anxiously awaiting an original from Samantha. She holds the crayon in her fist and rubs her fist on the paper, not the crayon. Payton did great!!!! And Mason's drawings were so sweet--I love that he included an airplane (that IS an airplane, isn't it?)!

  3. Such talented artists! I love purple and green together!

  4. i love how he included the airplane. is that for you to bring addison home?

  5. You have to give some of the credit for that beautiful work to one of his favorite pre. school teachers. Ms. April. lol just playing. I see he is doing a great job writing his name. I miss him you guys!