Monday, September 1, 2008

Sleep Study: The Results

I got the results of Payton's second sleep study the other day ... sigh.


1) Mild obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, with sleep fragmentation, but without significant hypoxemia or carbon dioxide retention. Blah blah blah. Vigorous medical therapy for upper airway obstruction is recommended.

2) Increased leg movements are present during sleep consistent with Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (PLMD), and associated with sleep fragmentation. Further evaluation of PLMD is suggested.

After her first sleep study, she had moderate obstructive sleep apnea, so I guess that means taking her tonsils and adenoids out helped bring it down to mild? But now we are throwing in this PLMD, which I probably could have diagnosed myself. Both of my kids are very restless leg sleepers. Sigh again. The treatment for PLMD includes a CBC and iron studies, including serum ferritin, with treatment with iron for 3 months if ferritin level is <50 mg/dl.

I wonder if her iron level is low? Good thing we have a script for bloodwork and I will be making sure that the script includes this iron testing. She had low iron when she was an infant, but the kicker is that kids with Down syndrome tend to have higher iron levels, so how she got a low iron level is beyond me. We will be following up with her ENT this Thursday to see what is next.


  1. Yikies! That's a lot of info to take in. If you feel overwhelmed, I would totally understand. I'm just feeling overwhelmed trying to fit in therapy I need to do with Victoria at home on a regular basis! I sure wish you guys the best in this!

  2. That is a lot to take in at once. I would love to hear what the ENT and your geneticist (does she stay involved) both say. Matthew just had his repeat sleep study last week. He had severe apnea before the T&A. I'm hopeful it's gone completely as I have not idea what kind of treatment they can do for our kiddos with mild apnea.

  3. Lots of info to sort through. I hope that the ENT gets it figured out for you. Joe thrashes around a lot at night too. I didn't know that could be associated with sleep fragmentation. Good luck with the future appointments