Thursday, September 4, 2008

We saw the ENT today

Today before school, I took Payton to see the ENT as a follow up to her sleep study results that we got last week. Speaking from a surgery standpoint, her ENT is very pleased with the results, despite the fact that she still has mild sleep apnea. The number of apneas per hour decreased significantly, so that is good. The flip side is that she still has apnea episodes and there is nothing the ENT can do about it. We were told that we can see a pulmonologist and an allergist to see if they have any recommendations ... if not, we just live with it.

Onto the Periodic Limb Movement Disorder ... we will be getting bloodwork done to see if any of her levels are off. Apparently that is something that can cause this disorder to be worse, although it often times goes hand in hand with sleep apnea.

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