Saturday, October 4, 2008

The testing ...

{Continued from Where it all began ...}

We went for genetic counseling first. We still did not have our AFP test results back, but the general feeling we got from the genetic counselor was that we should do nothing. She showed us statistics and really had us thinking that all of this was nothing.

The next day, we got our AFP test results back ... NEGATIVE! We were SO excited ... that means nothing in my blood work indicated that my baby would have a chromosomal abnormality. {More on this later ... if only we knew then what we know now ... AFP tests are NOT reliable in "detecting" Down syndrome. Not that it would have made a difference for us, but still.}

A couple days later, we had our level II ultrasound with a specialist. We were told that the kidneys were not a concern, as dilation was common in utero. Then they studied our baby's nose ... they found it! They found the nasal bone! Your baby is fine. Have a good life!

What a relief! All of those tears and worries over the past week were for nothing.
In light of the results of the ultrasound, we declined the amnio, as we really felt there was no reason to jeopardize my pregnancy. Now we could enjoy the remainder of my pregnancy and have no worries, right?

To be continued ...

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  1. I love your story... can't wait to hear the rest!! Kind of similar to ours..