Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Where has the time gone?

So much for blogging every day in October! We have been very busy here ... work, school, life, business, adoption ... the list is never ending.

Mason is having some troubles in school with behavior, so we are working on that. When it comes to sitting and working on projects, he does great. He thrives off of structure. However ... the minute he senses that a less organized activity is coming {i.e. circle time, bathroom break, playground}, he gets a bit too worked up. He likes to "play Power Rangers" with his friends, however he is a bit too rough. Not to the point that anyone gets hurt or that the other boys even care, but the activity in general in disruptive. Any ideas on how to curb this?

Another issue he is having is that he seems to think bathroom breaks are hysterical. Sigh. The five boys in the class have to stand in line while they each use the bathroom ... and Mason thinks it is funny that they are "naked". Seriously? WTF. I see none of this behavior here at home ... we don't focus on being naked ... there are no issues. So yeah ... any ideas on how to curb this?

Payton is doing great in school ... better at the special needs school than at the Mom's Morning Out program. Her biggest setback at this point continues to be her speech, however I can see how her language is expanding every day. She only has a couple words that she says clearly ... "no" being the main one. LOL. She also says dog, ball, more, milk ... umm, what else. I have to think. She has several signs, but needs more ... eat, sleep, drink, truck/car, potty, ball, more, wash, dog ... I have to think of the others, I know there are more.

I'm at peace with her speech delay ... I have come to the point where I know that she will talk when she wants to talk. She has shown us all along that she will do things at her own pace. For now, we can communicate with her just fine.

She is doing great on the potty ... she wears pull ups now during the day and will stay dry if we make sure we take her to the potty consistently. She is still training and while she sometimes will tell us she has to go by patting her diaper, we have to remember to prompt her to go most times. Her special needs school has been great with working on potty training with her ... she stays dry there. The MMO program ... not so much. They claim she hasn't used the potty for them at all yet, and that just makes me wonder how much they are really helping the cause here. If they are waiting for her to say, "I have to go potty." ... well, they have another thing coming. LOL. She can't talk people.

I have a fear that she is getting left behind at the MMO program, but I'm not sure. She is now going into her classroom with no problems or tears, so that is definitely a good thing. She likes it there, but I just want her to be included. I was told that she isn't participating in circle time and that they don't make her, or any of the other kids, for that matter, if they don't want to. IMHO they should be making the kids participate and teaching them what it means to have circle time. I know she can do it ... she always did it at Chesterbrook and she does it at her other school. But they are letting her get away with not participating. I just hope she isn't getting left behind, so to speak, because she can't talk like her peers. I think we need to have a conference. LOL. We'll see how that goes ... overall I'm happy she is there, although that may not have come across here ... oops.


  1. Payton's behavior sounds alot like Koby's. His has gotten ALOT better with time...I am sure her's will too. It really isn't behavior but just I think that age and testing their limits! She is sooo cute though!!!!!

  2. The school Raeleigh attended last year was like what you are describing. It was like she got pushed to the side and they assumed she couldn't do it. They never gave her a chance. Now she is in a typical-special needs split class and she does everything the other kids do..except talking LOL. Like you said though, they will do it at their own pace! Payton is such a cutie!

  3. Mason sounds just like Nate or vice versa. We just had a conference with the teacher. The more structure for him the better. However his current school has a lot of open play during the day so he is in trouble more times than not. Bathroom is an issue too. Are these boys twins??? LOL. We have been working on this for the past year. I'm hopeful he will grow out of it......very hopeful.

  4. Don't worry about Mason...Jack was the same way in Kindergarten. I was horrified when he told me he was in time out the 1st day of school and then the 2nd, 3rd & 4th day he came home saying he was in time out also! We talked to the teacher and he was "ignoring" her when she said it was time to clean up and start another project. I asked her to tap his shoulder and then tell him it is time to clean up so he is paying attention. That did the trick for him. I was raised by a single mom and only have a sister so this boy thing is all new to me. Boys are just....different :). Have your read 'Bringing up Boys' by Dr. Dobson...very good at explaining how to not "fix" boys but expains why they act the way they do. I have found that teachers that don't have kids or only have girls have a difficult time dealing with the boys (especially in lower grades) because boys are just different than girls. Sorry this is so long but I can totally relate and things get better. Jack is now in 3rd grade and we have (for the most part) learned to keep our hands to ourselves (most of the time). Good luck...Mason will be fine.

  5. We are dealing with suddenly rough Power Ranger playing with Will as well- We got him to play Planet Heroes instead as they are gentle and don't shoot- it has made a BIG difference for us- good luck!

  6. I will pray for you about this. I know these moments are ahead for me in knowing how to best care for Victoria's educational needs. I know it must be difficult to know exactly what is going on, but I hope something is done to include Payton the way she needs to be. People need to give our kids a chance, ya know?