Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ear infection for Ms. Thang

Payton has had some serious chunks of wax coming out of her one ear over the past couple weeks. Since it was hard wax, I figured she was just a wax making machine. However ... in addition to that, she has been a fuss bucket and has been thrashing around in her sleep and crying in the middle of the night.

Given the two latter behaviors, I was really starting to worry that maybe she was under stress given the newest addition to the family. However, yesterday morning I concluded in my mother's wisdom that maybe she has a nasty ear infection instead.

I scheduled an appointment for her to be seen yesterday, but the only doctor there was one particular female that I don't not ... umm, like. We have bumped heads in the past ... basically I wanted Payton admitted and she refused ... turns out the mom was right and she ended up being admitted by the ER. Anyway ... I also think this doctor thinks she is digging a hole in the ground when she tries to get wax out of the kids' ears ... and it makes me mad. So I made Kyle take Payton to the doctor.

Sure enough, doc tries to dig a hole in the ground and even if she were to get all the wax out, she still wouldn't be able to see in Payton's ear canal because they are so small. Grr. This is the reason I usually take her to the ENT when she is sick ... they put her under the microscope because they know they have to. The ped can't do that. So after Payton screams for what Kyle estimates to be 10 seconds of hole digging, the ped lets up and just prescribes the antibiotic. Really? I could have told you to do that with no hole being dug. Sigh.

So when they get home, I look at Payton and she has petechia all over her face. I asked Kyle what in the heck happened. He said the doc said she got that from screaming so hard. No comment.

Fast forward almost 24 hours and the petechia is still there. Just in time for family pictures this afternoon. Lovely.


  1. Poor Payton!!! I hope that she's feeling better and that the beautiful red spots are fading!

    I LOVE your new background!!! Did you do that?

  2. Aww, poor Chicky! Ugh to that dr! I had to laugh at your description though- "digging a hole." I bet it makes you want to slap that tool right out of her hand.

    Hope the pics went ok or you were able to reschedule!

    Love the festive paper!

  3. Poor muffin!!! If someone was "digging" in my ear I would be kicking some serious butt!!! Poor thing...

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