Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Damn Dog

Last night my sister, Mason and I made more cut out cookies. Is that bad that the cookies we made last weekend are gone already? Oops. Anyway, I left the cookies out on the table last night so they could dry. However, they must have been invisible because this morning my dear husband left the dog out of her kennel while I was still upstairs with the kids. Needless to say, I came down to find the dog having a nice morning snack.

One of the cookies Mason and I had decorated was a gingerbread cut out ... we decorated it to look like him. It had short hair, shorts, a t-shirt and even a letter M on its chest. Well ... that was one of the cookies that the dog ate. Uh oh.

Fast forward a couple hours and Mason finally came downstairs from watching TV ...

Me: Bubs, I'm sorry but this morning Daddy left Zoe out of her kennel and she got on the table and ate some of our cookies.

Mason: {Has a semi-disgusted look on his face.}

Me: And one of the cookies she ate was the one we made to look like you.

Mason: Well that's okay, Mommy. Because Zoe likes me and she wanted the cookie. It's okay, good girl Zoe.

Me: {Speechless.} Alrighty then. {Lesson learned from child. Haha.}


  1. Wow. That was SO not the reaction I was expecting. LOL!

  2. What a great Gingerbread boy you've got there!

  3. How precious. Kids certainly know how to teach parents life lessons. I hate that about dogs. Always rooting around looking for stuff to eat and chew on.

  4. LOL you never know what kids are gonna say~~LOL

  5. He's so cute!! I think we are defintely raising the same boys. Nate and I were up late making cut out cookies for the third time last night too. His favorite part is this uncontrollable desire to pound the flour with his fist creating a little dust storm around us:)

  6. HA HA! Brilliant little boy! If you want to let him follow my Santa journey, tell him to check my blog. Of course, it is educational as well *rolls eyes*!

    Have a Happy Christmas!

  7. Awww, Mason is so sweet!! Lesson learned indeed. The post below is hilarious!!!