Tuesday, December 30, 2008

ENT, Take Two

Today the girls had their appointments with the ENT as a follow up to our last appointment from H E DOUBLE TOOTHPICKS. Payton's nose and ears have seemed clear, although she still had to have wax cleaned out of her ears under the microscope. All I have to say is I have one strong little girl on my hands. She fought, of course, and I could barely keep her on the table. She was thrusting her little hips up and sliding herself down the table, just like an old self defense pro. Little stinker! Oh, and we have got petechia again as a result of her crying. Grr.

Nika, on the other hand, now has fluid in her ears and will be started on an antibiotic since the one ear looked inflamed. Her nose has continued to be junky, so I asked that they do a nasal culture to see if anything funky is growing up there. So we have to wait for the results of that before we decide which antibiotic to put her on. She has been a little bit feverish over the past few days, so I know she has not been feeling that great. We also did another hearing test on her, which revealed mild hearing loss. The audiologist and the ENT want to get her ears and nose clear and try one more test before we revert to a sedated ABR. Fun stuff.

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