Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ho Ho Ho

Yesterday at our local Down syndrome Christmas party, the kids got to visit with Santa. Nika was completely intrigued by him, which really surprised me. Payton did not cry this year, but pretty much did not want to sit right next to Santa. Mason told Santa that he wants cars for Christmas and Santa reminded him to leave cookies and milk for him ... so cute.

Shot one ... Nika is curious ...
Shot two ...
Payton starts getting curious and Nika remains curious ...


  1. Those pics are absolutely adorable! I can't wait for next Christmas when Addie can be curious of the big man in the beard!

  2. That is adorable!!!
    Nika is REALLY checkin Santa out!
    LOVE the leg warmers too!

  3. again your kids are so cute. Mason is sooo good looking, love his clothes. I cant believe Nika isn't afraid of Santa lol