Saturday, December 27, 2008

I love this picture ...

I took this picture of Payton when we were out takings shots for our Christmas card. I love it for several reasons ...

1) It shows her zest for life.

2) It shows her form when running. This is huge for her ... and me! She learned to walk at 17 months of age and has slowly been working her way up to running versus fast walking. Only in the past couple months has she really got the hang of full fledge running ... and it is so cute!

3) As Kyle would say, it shows her Farrah Faucet hair. ;)


  1. Go Payton, go! She definitely does seem to have a zest for life (as seen through your photos of her).

  2. Payton is so happy and beautiful!

  3. That is an awesome picture!!! How old is Payton again? That is awesome that she is actually running! We get the "fast" walk which is actually just Ella's regular speed but with one arm that swings really fast!

  4. I love it too. She is such an awesome little girl! LOVE HER! I also love your new layout. :)

  5. She really does have farrah faucet hair!