Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I must confess ...

Yesterday I was reading Shelley's blog and I read this post ... basically she wrote a "letter" to Target telling them how much they suck for shipping a box to her without packaging it in another box. They slapped the address label on the outside of the large product box and shipped it off. Her beef was that her kids might see the shipment ... which happened to be a Christmas gift ... sitting on the front porch. When I read her post, I understood her pain, but also figured such is life.

Well ... Shelley, I must apologize to you for figuring "such is life". Ha. Let me tell you a story.

On Black Friday, I got a stellar deal on one of those super huge water slides for our backyard. I understand that it is winter right now, but for 50% off, I couldn't refuse. I didn't necessarily intend for this to be a Christmas gift, rather maybe an Easter gift since the weather will be warmer then.

Fast forward to today, Mason spent the morning with his friend from school. They came by the house to drop Mason off and came inside to chat for about a half hour. They were getting ready to leave, so Mason and his friend opened the front door ... and all I heard was, "Cool! Awesome! Wow, look at this!" Crap. I run to the front door and there is the water slide, sitting in all its glory. Sure enough Little Tikes thinks it is a good idea to just slap an address label on the product box just like Target. Note to Shelley: do not order from Little Tikes either. LOL.

Lesson to be learned from this: If you are expecting a large box shipment for Christmas, watch the porch for it and don't let the kids find it first! Sigh.


  1. Yikes! I am already stalking the mailman...

  2. I feel your pain!
    I was so pleased when the other big item I ordered (not from Target) actually showed up inside another box! I need to send that company a thank you card for actually putting the big box inside another big box so my kids wouldn't see it!

  3. Same thing just happened to me. It was the ball pit for Sophie (that I'm sure Alexander will also love) sitting on our front porch as we drove up in all it's glory. I freaked, yelled at Mark to back the van up and drive around the block. Thankfully Alexander didn't see it. Thanks Target!

  4. Actually what Target and other stores are trying to do is recycle and not create more waste. Being Green aint easy but I applaud their efforts. Just gotta watch out that the kids don't see it but maybe explain about being Gree - they did write about this earlier in the year saying they were going Green with their shipping.

  5. I would be so pissed too!! That's rediculous, you're paying a lot for shipping during Christmas time,and obviously these things are presents for Christmas! Well I guess I need to be careful too!! hmmmmmm

  6. I bought a trampoline at Target- came yesterday in the bright colored box- Will saw it, but I told him was something else. Luckily he is 4 and could not tell what was in the box from where he was standing! I do wonder if he'll make the connection when he opens it on Christmas!