Monday, December 8, 2008

I need your help ... please!

As you know, I am very passionate about adoption ... especially adoption of children with special needs. You might remember me talking about my friend McKenna ... click HERE to check out her blog, which happens to be exactly the same as mine right now (we think A LOT alike), so don't be fooled.

Anyway, McKenna and her husband are adopting little Reese from Eastern Europe. Reese has Down syndrome, a cleft lip and a cleft palate. I think McKenna and her husband are pretty amazing for adopting this little angel ... don't you agree? It is imperative that they get Reese home as soon as possible to get her clefts repaired. We suspect that the officials in Eastern Europe will NOT repair her clefts, as she is probably not seen as worthy of this surgery since she has Down syndrome. Pretty sad, huh?

If you followed my adoption blog, then you are aware how much INCREDIBLE support we received throughout our adoption. Now it is my turn to try to help others that are following in my shoes and right now, I want to help McKenna. BUT ... I need your help. ;)

I just checked my statcounter and I have hundreds of readers of my blog everyday. I got to thinking, "Self ... wouldn't it be cool if every person who reads your blog donated just $5? Imagine if 300 people donated just $5 ... that would be $1,500 to get McKenna and her husband that much closer to bringing Reese home!" It is amazing how just $5 can add up and when you are adopting, every single penny counts!

So what do you think? I know the economy pretty much sucks right now and I totally understand if you do not have just $5 to spare. But if you do, would you consider donating it to help get Reese home to her forever family? Let's see if we can get to $1,500 by Christmas!

PS ... If you are not Paypal savvy and would like to mail your donation in, please contact me at so I can give you an address.


  1. Bethany,
    I'm in tears. I was reading my google reader and saw my name on your post and didn't get very far before the tears started flowing. This is so sweet of you and I love you very much! We can't wait to bring Reese home and are hoping and praying it'll be very soon! What an amazing gesture!

  2. As you Wish...
    Button is up.

  3. you should keep this on top so people don't forget. i've been following along with reece's story... it will be so great when she can come home!