Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Making progress ...

I think we are pretty lucky to say that our biggest hurdle thus far with Addison has been bath time, if "hurdle" is even what you want to call it. When we first got home, she pretty much screamed bloody murder at the site of the tub water running, as well as every second she was in the tub. She hated water to be poured over her head and would not even sit down in the tub.

I asked some other adoptive parents why they think that many adopted kids are so terrified of bath time. Someone guessed that the kids were bathed in cold water, since warm water would be a commodity in the baby home. I do not know if this is true or not, but it makes sense to me. When we were in Russia, we were told that the kids in the baby home were bathed about once a week, so clearly Nika is not used to taking a bath on a regular basis.

We have been home with Nika for almost one month ... can you believe it?! During that time, we have worked hard with her trying to get her used to bath time. I think it helped her to watch the kids play in the tub and to see that they were happy to do so. Yesterday morning, Nika took a bath with Payton, sat down in the tub, ran her hands through the running water, splashed around, let Kyle pour water on her head and didn't cry once.

Isn't it amazing the hurdles she has jumped in just one month? Yay Nika!


  1. YAY that's great! Yet heartbreaking at the same time :(. All those babies over there...

  2. Great to hear!!!! However, I must say that my daugter has had a bath every other day since birth and is now 16mo old and is JUST NOW getting to where she doesnt scream her head off. I think some kids, adopted or not, just need time to get use to stuff and they all adjust on thier own time.

    Nika will do fine. She is such a darling and seems to be adjusting so fast!

    Happy Holidays to you all!!!

  3. Amazing the adjustments that little girl has made!!!! Bathtub picture please -with both girls. :)

  4. Great progress- now you can get some cute three kid bath pictures!!