Monday, December 15, 2008

More Holiday Traditions

Every year, the women in my extended family get together to make Christmas cookies. In the past, we used to select a few cookies we wanted to make and then we split them between us when we were done. This year, we pre-made cut out cookies and got together to do a mass decorating. It is always great getting together, but we were all up to our ears in frosting by the end.

Payton decorating a cookie ...Maddy and Ella (my cousin's kids) ...
Katie (my cousin's half-sister) and Sarah (my cousin's daughter) decorating a cookie ...
Maddy decorating a cookie ... she did better than some of the adults ... I won't name any names ... LOL
Every year in the area that we live, Santa makes the rounds on the firetruck. They come through the neighborhoods with sirens blaring. For some coincidental reason, they always happen to come through the neighborhood when we are all together decorating cookies ... it has become somewhat of a tradition.

Some of the kids waiting for Santa ... they heard the sirens and knew he was coming ...
Hi Santa!


  1. How cool. Santa on a fire truck. Love the cookies.

  2. ok I'm jealous.... :(

  3. Santa comes to our neighborhood too on the fire truck-He actually came Sunday night along with Mrs Claus-I had to run down the street in order for Ethan to see him and get a little goody from him because they didn't stop in front of our house though all the neighbors yelled for them to stop so Ehtan could see him-what a great neighborhood tradition.!!!

  4. That is such a neat tradition!!