Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day 2008

On Christmas morning, I awoke to find Mason sleeping in our bed ... clearly he had come in some time during the night. He sat up in bed and said, "Wake up! Santa was here!" I asked him how he knew that Santa had come and he said, "Because it is Christmas!" I thought maybe he had snuck downstairs earlier without me knowing it, but I don't think he had. He proceeded to wake up his sisters and I made the kids wait upstairs until I could get the video camera ready ... mean Mom, I know. I finally let the kids come downstairs and they went crazy. Every other word out of Mason's mouth was "awesome" ... "awesome" ... "awesome". LOL ... it cracks me up because I'm not sure when he got so old. {Note to self: next time you want to video tape a moment like the kids coming down the stairs on Christmas morning, make sure you know how to operate your camera so you can make sure you are actually taping. Grr.}

The kids opened their stockings first and played a little bit with their toys that Santa left out. Mason was going crazy and wanted to open all the gifts immediately ... in fact if every gift could have been opened within 2.2 seconds, he would have been a happy camper. Nika was a little confused by the excitement and just kind of crawled around looking at all the loot and playing with the wrapping paper. This year was especially fun with Payton, now that she is old enough to be really interested in her toys ... she was so cute.

Payton opening her stocking ...
Nika and her stocking ... LOL ... "What in the heck is that?!"
"Oooh look, I get a toy!""This is fun ... and I'm stinkin cute!"Mason and his stocking ...
Chicky opening her Snugglekins Nursery from Auntie Shawn, Uncle Brian and Cousin Ethan ... you think she likes it?More of Chicky opening the nursery ... this pic cracks me up ... she was so excited! LOL
The kids opening Disney ornaments from Grandpa and Grandma B ... or Mickey Mouse Grandpa and Grandma, as Mason refers to them {they live by Mickey Mouse} ...Nika opening her KidiJamz Studio ...
Nika loved this thing ... she eventually just laid on top of it. She has to hide it from her siblings, ya know! LOL
"Awesome! Just what I wanted!"
Payton ... I just love her reactions!
The girls Payton opening the karaoke/CD player ...
Just another cute face ... I'm not bias, am I?
Nika loving on her wrapping paper ... ;)"Awesome! Star Wars!"
Payton's new truck. LOL. Story behind it is that the kids constantly fight over the big trucks. They love to zoom them around the house, so Payton finally got one of her own and her brother got one to match. Where can I buy a pink one? Haha. Nika will get one too as soon as she realizes how fun it apparently is to play cars.
While we were opening our gifts, Auntie Shay, Uncle Jeremy and Cousin Jaxson came over. Jaxson looked so cute in his little Christmas jammies ...
Jaxson opening gifts from us ... happy boy!
Sing it, buddy!
I guess opening all those presents got Payton tuckered out. Here she is resting on some of the Melissa and Doug stuff that the kids got from the other Grandpa and Grandma B ...After awhile, Auntie Kristie, Uncle Casey and Grandma B {a whole other Grandma B ... LOL} joined us ... we had lots of toys to open and play with. Later on we cooked up a good dinner {ham, scalloped potatoes, 7-layer salad and rolls} ...


  1. Wow what an amazing day for your family. Love the looks on Paytons face and Mason just sounds so fun! I had a few tears looking at nika Bethany what you and your Husband have given that little girl is a miracle. Oh my goodness just thinking on the depths of your travel, listen to your heart search the pages of children for your daughter, find her, travel to the other side of the world to take this precious little girl (who is clearly spiritually and physically your daughter)out of a baby home, soon to be lost forever in an orphanage, bring her home....and to see her securely in your home loved, wanted, needed is a beautiful thing. Praise God for you and your husband (don't tell him I forgot his name lol) I know it’s true for me, I have a burning need to do something I wish we could adopt, but sadly we cant. Reading your story I do feel driven to do something, how can I not? For now that is prayer and if I can donate. I see god doing things in our life, that will help us be able to donate more in the future, I cant wait. Thank you for sharing Nika’s journey with us and of cause Miss Payton is in my heart and her big brother is a large part of it all. I cant wait to here more about Mason as he grows up, he’s a gorgeous boy (brother)

  2. your kids are so cute ! love Payton's face, this reminds me Elias ' 2nd and 3rd bday pictures were all like that-... and this xmas he was fighting for all the presents haha , so apparently he thought all of them where his

  3. These pictures brought tears to my eyes thinking how very different Christmas Day was for Nike than it would have been if she were still in Russia. This day was unlike anything she ever would have experienced. And it seems that you have an amazing group of family and friends - what a gift hor her to be a part of that! Wishing you all the best!

  4. Next time you come to Florida you better flippin tell me!!! Cute pictures!!