Monday, January 12, 2009

It's been two months since Gotcha Day ...

Dear Addison ...

Two months ago today, you finally got what you deserved in life ... to have a mommy and a daddy. To have a forever family that loves you, no matter how many chromosomes you have. To have a brother and sister that were ready to teach you so many things.

How lucky am I to be that mommy? How lucky are we to be your forever family? Incredibly lucky, sweet girl. The past two months have been an incredible whirlwind. I have so enjoyed getting to know you more and more every day ... I absolutely love everything about you!

I love to see you smile at me when I come into your room every morning.

I love how fast you crawl with excitement to get to Daddy when he gets home from work.

I love watching you laugh at your brother and sister.

I love how you rub your hands together when you see me getting ready to put lotion on you.

I love how you lower your head and look at me out of the corner of your eye, as if you are giving me the evil eye.

I love watching your mind work and seeing how smart you are.

I love listening to you laugh and squeal when I carry you and your sister down the stairs at the same time.

I love how you throw your hands in the air when you dance.

I love how you shake your finger at me when I tell you to stop sucking on your fingers.

I love to watch you become more and more comfortable here at home. The home that will never leave. We are here for eternity, baby girl. Never forget that. We love you with all of our hearts. I hope you have enjoyed the past two months as much as we have. We have a lifetime ahead of us ... and we can't wait to share it with you.

Love, Mommy

Loving on Mommy three days after meeting ...
Checking out Daddy shortly after meeting him ...
Meeting Mason and Payton at the airport ...


  1. OK. I am bawling now,,,, thank you very much! Such a sweet baby girl and so lucky to have such a wonderful mommy and daddy and family. She has fit in so well, its like you have always had her!!!!
    love the new look of your blog too!

  2. *sniff* I can't WAIT for our own Gotcha day!!!! I just love Addison!

  3. She is SO lucky to have you as her Mommy! An amazing post.

  4. Oh my gosh, Bethany! Beauti- beauti - ahem, beautiful!!! Excuse me, I have a lump in my throat.

    Is it possible that Addison looks about a YEAR older than when you first met her???? She looks like such a baby back then and is already looking grown up!

  5. Love the post. There you go having me crying again. At least this time I'm not at work but instead trying to eat my cereal:)

  6. Ok, it's too early for me to be in tears! Just kidding. That was beautiful. I can't believe it's been two months already. Seems like it was just yesterday, but then again it seems like she's always been a part of your family. Definitely a match made in heaven :)

  7. I love how she waves at me everytime I come over!!! And really 2 months already! WOW!

  8. Ok now that I have started my day off with a good cry!! That is so sweet and I am so glad that God has blessed you with a new daughter and Nika with a new forever family!! I can't wait to meet her & see you guys again!!

  9. already 2 months? she's just the PERFECT for your family


  10. What a sweet post. She is SO pretty. I'm so glad she is part of your family.

  11. Beautiful post!!
    Got to get a tissue now.

  12. Oh my goodness.

    You all are blessed.

    And I'm blessed to know you.

    So sweet.

  13. Makin' me cry again, Bethany...

  14. 2 months already!? What a sweet, touching letter! Gave me goosebumps and a good way.

  15. Do you know what? If I hadn't been reading your posts about the adoption, I would never guess that she wasn't your biological daughter and that she didn't live with you since birth. She is already such a part of your family - it appears as if she always has been.

    By the way, I love the phrase "your forever family" - What a lovely way to look at life.

  16. Okay so I have to know- what kind of camera do you have??? Is it a digital SLR? You take the best pics!

  17. Beautiful post. Made me cry, like everyone else. How blessed are all of you!

  18. Awww..making me cry with that beautiful post. You are one blessed family. Can't wait to meet her in person very soon and of course to see you all again.

    Love, Lisa (DanielsMommy)

  19. I should know better than to do my makeup right before I get on your blog..duh...Well I still havent gotten to meet her but reading the blog and loving you all it makes me love her just like the rest of our family. Your home is your securtity place and I think it looks (and sounds) like she feels secure too...


  20. I simply can not believe it has been two months already. Where does the time go?