Saturday, January 17, 2009

MAC Users

To all my fellow MAC users out there, please help me! LOL. I bought this thing a year ago and I still have one problem. Anytime I view an attachment from email or whatever, it automatically gets saved to my desktop ... even if I just view it! GRR! It is so annoying, because I have all this junk on my desktop that I do not need.

For example ... if someone emails me pictures of their kids. I click on the attachment to view the pictures, respond to them saying how adorable their kids are ... and then I delete their email. But oh no, the pictures are still lingering on my desktop! Ugh! It drives me insane and for the life of me, I cannot figure out where or how to stop the madness.

Help me. Please!

Edited to say ... I do not have this issue when I open my MAC mail. It is when I open mail from gmail or yahoo. Now what? LOL.


  1. Ok, I read all my mail in the preview pane. (I rarely actually open an email.) In that preview pane it shows two buttons "save attachment" and "quick look". Quick look will open the attachment in a separate window, but doesn't save it.

  2. Mine does not do that when I open something in gmail.

    If it does download something, it goes to Downloads. You can change that preference in Safari, by clicking on Safari on the menu bar and then preference. There is an option called Save downloaded files to: and you can change this to whatever location you want. I don't know why it automatically downloads though, sorry, mine doesn't seem to do that unless I choose Download.

  3. Mine does the same thing......would like to know how to fix that if you figure it out:)