Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Q & A

Is it possible that Addison looks about a YEAR older than when you first met her???? She looks like such a baby back then and is already looking grown up!
Yes, I know! Isn't it crazy? Kyle and I were just talking about how she doesn't even seem like the same kid!

Okay so I have to know- what kind of camera do you have??? Is it a digital SLR? You take the best pics!
I have a Canon Rebel xTi. Yeah, it is pretty awesome, but I'm pretty sure that the deeper I get into photography, the more I'm going to want to upgrade. I do love it though. Being able to snap, snap, snap without the delay and have it be digital is so nice! By the way, in case you haven't noticed the word "Photography" up in the nav bar, click there to join me in my photography obsession slash learning experience.

I've been thinking about a blog facelift. Wish the cutest site was working, but it keeps shutting me out. Any suggestions? I always love how yours looks. I know once I get the hang of it I could probably handle changes. is back up and running. I think they were changing their server or something and their site was down for a few days. Anyway, they have really cute backgrounds there. Let me know if you need help and of course, if you need a nifty little header like these that I made.

POST SOME VIDEO! I loved the videos from Russia of about some at home with Payton ones?
I know, I know ... I'm sorry woman! I think this is the only video I have up so far of the girls. More to come ... I promise!

Eww no not good. That makes me uncomfortable ;( I clicked on your stat counter, it’s the same as mine. Where do I find that information on the site? I had a look around and can't find anything.
When I log in to my statcounter, there is a link for Recent Keyword Activity and that is where you find the information. For example, right now there are hits on my blog from "lettuce nika", "ode to my grandfather", "mt. jewett swedish queen", among many others. I've hyper linked them to the post on my blog that it brings them to. Crazy stuff, I tell ya. I wonder who searched for Mt. Jewett Swedish Queen? My grandmother will be happy to hear that. LOL.

Oh no!!!! time I do nails, (I do them about once a week, just depends) I'll have Dean video record it, ok? Then I can show you exactly where the quick is. Once you know what you're looking for, you won't hit the quick anymore. I PROMISE!!!
Right, but how can you see it when the nail is black?! Ahh!

Sign language helps ALL children (DS,deaf, hearing-impaired, autistic, typical, etc.). It gives children a multi-sensory approach to learning language. Many families that I work with are afraid that signing will take the place of talking. Not true. Signing gives a child a manual option until they are ready to say the word! Then they usually drop that sign!
Oh, I definitely believe that signing does not take the place of speech. I know that is a common misconception, but I've moved past that. Even if I did believe it, I don't think I have much of a choice here because my three year old needs to communicate and clearly speech isn't the primary form for her. Sigh. One day, right? :)

Ok, I read all my mail in the preview pane. (I rarely actually open an email.) In that preview pane it shows two buttons "save attachment" and "quick look". Quick look will open the attachment in a separate window, but doesn't save it.
I don't have this problem in my MAC mail, it is when I view stuff in yahoo or gmail. Grr.

Mine does not do that when I open something in gmail. If it does download something, it goes to Downloads. You can change that preference in Safari, by clicking on Safari on the menu bar and then preference. There is an option called Save downloaded files to: and you can change this to whatever location you want. I don't know why it automatically downloads though, sorry, mine doesn't seem to do that unless I choose Download.
Okay, I'm so confused because I do have a downloads folder and it still goes to my desktop! I guess I'll have to take it in to the MAC store and see if they can figure it out for me because it drives me insane!

Is Nika fitting into any of Payton’s clothes?
Ohh yes, definitely. In fact, pretty much everything she wears is Payton's old stuff, thus making her a Payton clone. ;)

Next time require they bring in a pediatric specialist, or the manager of the lab. That's ridiculous. Poor little ones. Especially Payton.
That is the problem with our insurance. They only allow us to do blood draws at LabCorp. I wish we could do it at the hospital, because believe me ... I'd be there in a heartbeat!

Ask your doctor for something called Emla cream.
I have heard of this before, but it isn't so much the needle that is the problem, it is her working herself up prior to them even sticking her. I might ask for some of this though to see if it helps her calm down post stick.

One thought that I've heard from others, and have had done in the past is to have them place a little heat pack on her arm. Supposedly it brings the veins out? Or something to that effect. It worked for us the time they did it.
Yes, I've heard of this too. Actually, I have some of those hand warmer packs in my car so maybe I'll use one on her arm next time we go. LOL. They might look at me funny, but whatever ... I don't care.

Every now and again it just hits me how truly blessed your family is and especially how lucky Nika is. Most days it seems as if she's always been there. How different and wonderful her life is now because you believed in her. You have a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing with us.
Aww, thank you so much! Sometimes I have to smack myself in the forehead too, because I often forget this is all very new to her. She really has adjusted so well, that I often forget that a little over two months ago, she was sitting half way around the world with no mommy, no daddy and no family to love her. :(

Mountain Dew didn't have the success to be sold in Mexico, after a few months it was removed from stores... sorry, I don't like it either, my vice is Coca-Cola, the Mexican Coke, have you tasted it? Our American friends says it's much better than the American Coke.
No, I haven't tasted it. Actually, I may have when I studied there in college, but I don't remember. I do remember, however, that you guys have way better Doritos than we did here at the time! There were like spicy nacho ... man they were good! LOL. Mt. Dew was few and far between in Russia too. I think we found like one place that sold it.

I had the same addiction to Mt. Dew up until a few years ago. However, your post now has me craving one. You can't do that to a pregnant lady!!!!
LOL! I actually used to drive FAR to get the caffeine free version when I was pregnant. They don't sell it anywhere! It is such crap! See, I told you it was just the taste that I had to have. I could care less about the caffeine. Although, I didn't have any yesterday because I was out and man did I have a headache by dinner. If they would just sell the caffeine free kind here, then I wouldn't have this problem!

Doesn't Mountain Dew lower sperm count?
I don't know, does it? Should I be worried about my sperm? LOL! Maybe that is why I can't get pregnant without fertility treatments. Oh wait, I have eggs, not sperm! Haha ... love ya, McK!

I love Americans for having ideas like Dinner Done. And what was your food selection? Is it for your husband and you? Or also the kids?
Why thanks Ali, I think we are pretty dang smart too! LOL. But you have the best beaches, so we are even. Pretty much every meal I selected was chicken, my favorite one being the one with bacon and cheese on top of the chicken ... OMG it is SO good! And yeah, Mason and Nika will eat the meals, but pretty much my husband and I have hogged them. LOL.

BTW, is that your house or a physio centre? Great stuff there!
The first video was taken in Russia at and around the baby home. I am assuming that is what you are talking about. But yes, they had great tools to work with the kids. :) The second video was taken at my house.

Are they all feeling better?
Yes, the kids are all feeling better ... thank the Lord!

Hey Bethany....I think you are missing a kid! LOL.
Yeah, yeah ... I figured you guys would say that. Nika was throwing up yesterday, so I didn't want to bring her outside. Plus she doesn't have snow pants to wear ( and I'm pretty sure she can't walk in snow quite yet. Poor girl. :(

Beautiful pics! How do you get those colors? Do you have a fancy camera or do you Photoshop it?
I do have a nice camera, but the camera is not what produces those colors. I edited the photos in Lightroom (photo software) and I have an obsession with messing with all the fun finishes. To read more about my photography learning experience, check out my photography blog.

I still am so curious about your boutique - how do you do it?
As in ... how do I have time? Or as in ... how did I get started and have it come to be? I'll just answer both questions, ok?

How do I have time? It is called after the kids go to bed .... work work work. Or it is called, "Hey hubs ... can you take the kids for a few hours while I get some work done?"

How did I get started? Umm ... I have a teeny tiny obsession with baby stuff ... clothes, shoes, toys, whatever. I started googling around and seeing all this fun, unique stuff that you don't see at Target or Babiesrus. So I contacted a web designer ... who is fabulous BTW ... and she helped me along. She actually ran a similar boutique before her web designer business took off, so I was able to use her for questions. I contacted numerous manufacturers about the possibility of becoming a retailer and here I am. Fun stuff, huh?

Suprised about what you did for a career? Yes.
LOL. A lot of people are. But hey, I can get down and dirty if I need to. :)

Good luck with the transition. I'm sure you (and the kids) will love it. Like said above- you could always go back I'm sure.
Actually, I won't be able to go back to this particular job. You have to be hired by age 37 (I think that is what it is) in this line of work, so unless I plan to go back fairly soon, it won't be happening. I think that is part of what makes it so hard, because I know that this is probably goodbye for good.

Do you think you will have/adopt more in the future?
Umm ... yes. I want another typical, biological child. I think I am done with adoption, as amazing as the experience was. When will we try for another one? Who knows. I can't get pregnant on my own, so there is a lot of money involved and you might remember that I just quit my job. LOL.


Anything else, folks? Ask now or forever hold your silence (until the next Q & A, that is). Oh, and feel free to delurk right now because I know you have a question burning a hole in your head. Muah!


  1. Oh I would LOVE a new blog header. Do you charge for it?

  2. Ah...see... Lacia asked me about this too. I told her I would do it for free.

    Now I have competition. :) How in the world can I compete with The Cutest Blog On The Block...and your headers.

    I'm going to have to do some thinking.

  3. p.s. I'm totally kidding. Your headers are gorgeous. And Cutest Blog on the Block Rocks!!! Honestly, they have some wonderful I am going to work hard at learning how to do what they do.

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  5. Rebecca ... don't you think they just create those with some sort of digital scrapbooking thing? You could totally do it! How is it different from what you do now anyway?

  6. Yes, it's like a scrapbook page, but rather than all the elements I use, they have one image in the background serving as the theme. I'm going to try this out soon. I will let you know when I do!

  7. Doritos rock! and we have MANYYY kind of Doritos too =)

    the templates are easy to made, you can download scrapbook kits from internet and just mess around and put it together for doing the backgrounds..

    by the way were you able to d/l cs4?

    oh and i've miss the post about you quiting your job