Friday, January 16, 2009

Umm ... a little weirded out.

I was just looking through my statcounter and looking at the section that lists all the keywords that people enter into their search engine and stumbled upon my blog. I am pretty much really weirded out right now because here is one that was listed as having been entered into google's blog search ...

Bathtime girls

Okay, who searches for something like that? Pedophiles, that is who!

Get to stepping! Get off my blog! You sicko!


  1. Eww no not good. That makes me uncomfortable ;(
    I clicked on your stat counter, it’s the same as mine. Where do I find hat information on the site? I had a look around and cant find anything.

  2. You click on keywords or whatever it is called.

  3. I know, creepy. On mine once I found the keyword feces - I'm thinking, when on earth did I write about that?? [it turned out to be in the water for christmas post- as in people are drinking water that contains...]


  4. ewwwww

    on mine someone keeps googling for Elias

  5. Yuck, yuck, yuck.... I'll have to check mine out.

  6. Ewww that absolutely disgusts me. I'm starting to really appreciate William's stance on things but I SOO wish the world were different! And I agree, bugger off you sicko!

    I like the blog redo!

  7. A little weirded out?? You mean ALOT!! LOL eewwww gross people. I still don't know how to find out that info on my blog can you please help me?

  8. Whoa...that is scary. I shall have to log onto my sitemeter and check it. I was do you add that horizontal navbar underneath your site header. I have tried a couple blogger tutorial sites, and could not find a code that worked. Thanks!

  9. OMG!
    i had the same problem last year with one of my posts. It was labeled "3 little girls in the bath". I had more hits on our blog from that, it was creepy. So, instead of deleting the post, I just renamed the post. I forgot what I renamed it. I have not had ONE hit since from that post and I was getting multiple a day at one point.
    Gross, I know!