Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fun with Friends

The people that have been brought into my life over the past three years of Payton's life are amazing. I have met some of my best friends ... thanks to a little something extra in the chromosome department amongst our kids.

The past few days we have busy, busy, busy. Busy enjoying our visit with our friends Carmen, Judah and Jaemen.

On Monday, Carmen and I took the kids to Port Discovery. I mean ... I don't want to say it was a mistake, but really ... what kind of crazy person like me takes three kids under five to a children's museum all by herself. I really thought I'd be fine, until I got there and saw the three story jungle gym in the middle of the place, with exits onto all three floors.

Seriously, who thought those exits were a good idea? So there I am, standing on the first floor with the girls, looking up wondering where Mason is ... and then I see him exiting off onto the third floor.

Fun times.

I spent a lot of time handing off one of the girls to Carmen so I could keep tabs on Mason. Meanwhile, she was chasing Jaemen all over kingdom come. That boy is busy.

Did I mention he is busy? Ha! Payton was pretty busy, herself. You let her down and next thing you know, she is headed down the stairs, up the stairs, over this way, over that way.

Our T21 babes ... I love how they are so cooperative ... Make sure nobody smiles!
Payton exploring one corner of the museum ...
Nika chilling ...
The only five minutes that Mason was not running and playing in the jungle gym ... he loves computers ...
IMG_8604Mom, this thing is too tall!
After visiting the water room and having some lady literally knock poor Nika on her head, I had had enough. Seriously woman ... watch where you are walking! Did I mention it was in the water room? Yeah, that means she landed head first in a huge puddle of dirty water.

So off to McD's we went for lunch, where we dealt with the rudest people in America. I wanted to show Carmen the Inner Harbor, but that was a quick trip because me and my missing brain I forgot all of our coats.

The kids down by the harbor ...
Mason and the big ship in the harbor ...
Mason on one of the cannons ... he thought those were so cool ...
The boys ...
Jaemen and his first look at ocean water ... because technically that is what it is ...


  1. Sounds like a fun time chasing beautiful children all over the place freezing your butts off and looking at the ocean.. Good Times :) Seriously, you take the best photos and your models are always the best!!!

  2. I love your pictures - especially the ones by the harbor. You really do have the cutest kids!

    I can't imagine taking 3 kids to a place like that by myself. Two is a handful at times! It totally stresses me out when I lose sight of my older son. One minute I see him the next he is gone! They are quick!

  3. Laurie just loved that jungle gym at Port Discovery and I was going nuts trying to keep her in my line of sight. Kayla spent the whole time in the kiddie room in the ball pit with Grandma. It was fun to visit, but I'm not sure it was worth the cost relative to the amount of time we spent there.

  4. Glad you're all having a good time, great pictures!

  5. YAYYAY!!! When do Koby and I get to come play???

  6. Gorgeous pics yet again, Bethany! I love the colors--what did you use? It's so cool that you guys got to hang out together! I love hearing about our IRL meet-ups. :-)

  7. You seriously have the CUTEST kids! I just love your photography too! Great pictures and looks like you all had fun...even if you were chasing kids around! LOL...

  8. Those are great. So glad you got to spend time with them.
    Sounds fun and stressful!

  9. love the photos, i mean if you were near i would totally ask for some shots!

    I love Jaemen =)

  10. WOW! you are ambitious! That museum looks awesome. I cant wait until the new Children's museum opens up at our National Harbor. Okay, so seriously can we book a play date????? :)

  11. Bethany you take the world's most stunning pictures of your children. I can't explain it. I just love coming to your blog to see your new posts and photos. They are just simply beautiful. I'm gonna fly you and your babes to Calgary to come visit us. I would be honored to have you take pics of my babe.


  12. You sure were brave! :) Port Discovery is such a fun place though! We went there 1.5 yrs ago when we were in MD for my sister's graduation. I can't wait to take Kayla back there again - maybe another IRL get together!