Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Nominations and Awards

I got an email the other day from a lurker (hi lurker ... you know who you are ... *wink wink*) telling me that they nominated me for the 2009 Mommy Blogger Awards. Said lurker suggested I post about the awards here so that you all can go nominate me you can see how sweet it was of her to do this. ;)

I am so honored!

PS ... just click on the banner above to read all about the awards. Mommy blogs are online diaries written by those of you on the front lines of changing diapers, packing lunches, and helping with homework. They’re funny, moving, sometimes outrageous, and they offer a big dose of "I can relate!" Vote now through 2/13/09 by simply entering my URL and an email address. *wink wink*

I have been getting a lot of emails lately from lurkers who read my blog. Here are some excerpts ... these are all so special to me ...


Congrats on your recent family addition ... she is the cutest ... and also congrats on being a stay at home mom. I love your blog and your pics are great! ~The lurking nominator


From someone in my community ...

I came across your adoption blog after reading about you in the Washington Post. I read your blog every day. Every.single.day. From the first day I read about Nika's possible adoption, I followed your daily moves --LOL-- and was along for the journey to welcome her home. I have cried and cried while reading your blog, tears of happiness of course. My husband thinks I am crazy to be reading and crying about all of your happenings when we have never met.

So I thought it was time to say hello, introduce myself, and confess about my addiction to your blog. You are an amazing woman and you have one amazing family. You and Kyle have done something that not many others will do in adopting precious Nika (who I think is absolutely THE most precious child).

Coming from a former elementary special education teacher (taught before my motherhood days), from someone who was adopted at age 4 from neglectful parents, and who had a younger brother with special needs, I feel like I can really relate to you on so many levels.

Thank you for allowing me to read. You have taught me a great deal through your everyday experiences.


From a fellow DS mommy ...

I have multiple thoughts running through my head today. One of which was pondering (or mourning) how many losses we have had a work recently. That thought brought me to you.

How you ask? About 18 months ago or so, we had a 20 month old baby in the PICU that was "coding". She had Trisomy 18. I thought to myself, "Gosh, those babies usually don't survive that long." I thought that maybe I was stupid and didn't want to ask any of my co-workers (in fear they would, too, think I was stupid) so I googled "Trisomy 18".

My search revealed that these babies do indeed die shortly after birth. How awesome that this family got to enjoy their daughter for so long (we were not able to "get her back". She ended up going to heaven that night).

Anyway, my search, for whatever reason, brought up Jeremy and Shay's blog. I thought maybe this couple was pregnant with a Trisomy 18 baby but it turns out that she was just referring to her Triple screen. Interesting how her blog came up on the first page?! I was looking at the pictures on her blog and saw the one of Payton dressed up for Halloween. She looked like she had DS so off to your blog I went, and went, and went. I went to everyone on your blog roll. I had never even looked at a "blog" until that night.

So...that is how my obsession for blogging came about. I also had not done any ... and I mean ANY ... networking with other families with DS. I don't go to my "local" group, but get together with a girl with DS that lives in my community.

My point is this. You got me into networking through your blog.
So, I guess a thank you is in order, eh?


Wow, I'm just amazed. I love getting these emails. It is nice to know I'm not talking to myself and that maybe I am making an impact after all.

So keep 'em coming you guys. The networking and the community are my favorite things about blogging. Yes, I sort of put myself out there ... but in the end, I think it is all worth it.

So ... ahem ... don't forget to go here to vote for your favorite Mommy Blogger. *wink wink*


Now ... on to the awards ...

A few weeks ago, Crystal gave me this award ... the Lemonade Award.

"This award is for those who show GREAT ATTITUDE and/or GRATITUDE!"

Crystal awarded me because "... she has the best attitude and my favorite blog as of late! And the gratitude/thanks for her girls (and Bubba!) is just amazing and a blessing!" Aww, thank you so much ... that is so sweet!

Now it is my turn. Here are my instructions ... If you are given the award, then put the logo on your blog or post. Next, nominate at least 5-10 or 4 blogs which show GREAT ATTITUDE and/or GRATITUDE! Be sure to link to your nominees within your post. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

Here goes ... I nominate ...

Charissa at Country Living the Urban Way ... if there is anyone on this planet with a great attitude, it is Charissa. A little over one year ago, Charissa and her amazing husband added a fifth child to their family through adoption. They had four typical kids and knew their family was not complete without the addition of little Miss Ava from Ukraine. Ava has a little something in common with my girls and man I cannot wait to meet that girl someday!

Adrienne at Our Unexpected Journey ... Adrienne and her husband recently learned that the baby they are expecting, a little boy, has Down syndrome. I know all too well how hard it is to deal with a diagnosis and I completely admire Adrienne for all that she is experiencing right now. I am anxious to follow their journey as they welcome their third child ... and their first son ... into this world, extra chromosome and all.

McKenna at Waiting for Reese ... my dear friend, McKenna, with whom I chat several times per day. She is following in my footsteps as she prepares to adopt her third child from Eastern Europe. I do get all the credit, right? McKenna and her husband have just learned that their adoption is speeding right along, a bit faster than they anticipated. Although they did not originally plan to travel until May, God has different plans for them ... they will most likely be going in February! I can hardly stand my excitement ... I'm gonna be an auntie soon!

Amy at The Monroe 6 ... because she simply cracks me up every time I read her blog. Despite the chaos in her life ... hey, you said it, not me ... she always has the ability to make light of it. Did I mention she cracks me up? Oh, and bonus time ... her youngest is adopted from Russia.


Just yesterday, Courtney bestowed this award upon me. It means ... "These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find friends and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships will be propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly- written text into the body of their award."

Thank you Courtney! Now, onto my nominations ...

Rebecca at The Bates Motel
Adrienne at Another Ordinary Miracle
Michelle at Our Roads Traveled
Jamie at The Tryon Family
Jenna at Jenna's Journey
Stacy at Hanzely Clan News
Shylo at Karli's Kingdom
Kristin at Love Notes to My Family

I don't have time to give a shout out to all eight of these people, but they are all people that come to mind when trying to think of those who fit the description of this award. :)


  1. I used to say "there are opening up kinds of people, or closing kinds of people." Like you said, you put yourself "out there", but I'm so grateful that you do. I love to stop by and see your beautiful photographs, and read about the funny antics of your amazing children.

    Oh, and I sent in the nomination (in case you are wondering).

  2. Bethany- you definitely have a way with words. I am happy to have met you and I look forward to getting to know you better and meeting your beautiful family. (Did I just sign your yearbook?) Seriously, though. I'll vote for you, mama!

  3. Aw, thanks Bethany. It's amazing how people have found your story and are being impacted by your life and your unique and beautiful family. I too love to read your blog and hope to meet you someday. Wouldn't that be something?

  4. You know I'm a huge fan... and you are my #1 favorite blogger... I rave and send your your link around quite a bit. ;)

    You think they would consider daddy bloggers too?


  5. Thanks again Bethany! That was fun nominating others as well!

  6. WOW Bethany!!!!
    I have never received an award before.
    You rock!!!
    That really is sweet!!

  7. Loving my award!! Thanks for the shout out. Now the pressure is on to keep up with my blog a little more. Do you think I will have more time when I'm on maternity leave? Maybe it's my final excuse to not return to work after leave...LOL.