Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This kid ...

In the most innocent and unassuming voice you have ever heard, Mason says ...

Mommy ... did you know that Auntie Kristie forgot to bring us Valentine's presents? Maybe she didn't know what to get us.

I'm cracking up that he thinks he gets gifts on every holiday ... pretty spoiled by his aunties, I think. I had to call Kristie to tell her what he said ... and now I'm listening to their conversation ...

{After her asking him what he wants ... he says} Well, do you want to go get the toys right now? {They move on to talking about school and his behavior ... or something like that ... then he says} Well ... Mommy kicked me out of school. She won't let me go back there.

This kid cracks me up. And no, I did not kick him out of school. I just told him that he wouldn't be returning to school if his behavior didn't approve ... and yes, he is going back to school ... yesterday was a holiday and he doesn't realize it. Man, he doesn't forget anything, does he?!

PS ... Auntie Shay ... I'm just saying ... you might want to be prepared for when you see him. Ha!


  1. Well whatever his motives were it has totally worked... I have such guilt! I am going to have to make it up to him and do something big...
    Auntie Kristie loves you Mason!!!

  2. Just curious . . .

    For those of us outside of this wonderful family, when you have another Q & A, would you share with us how many siblings you have and the birth order?? Are you the oldest, Bethany? And what about Kyle - siblings there too? Just trying to get the aunts and uncles straight! LOL

    And I'm serious about the "wonderful family" part. It seems like you have a very close family and you do a lot together! That's cool!

  3. If I am feeling down, all I have to do is read your blog. It never fails to make me laugh, lol. If it isn't something the kids have done, it is their beautiful, smiling faces. I have to admit your photography depresses me but that is only because I LOVE your pictures!! You are such a great mom and the kids are just wonderful. Love reading your blog on a daily basis. Keep them coming :o) Also, thank you for your nice comment on my blog.