Tuesday, March 3, 2009


For years now, I have been getting those automated emails ... "So and so joined Facebook and they want you to join them!"

Seriously? As if I have time for another networking site. Err ... maybe I do. Okay, I'm pretty sure I don't, but I'm also pretty sure none of us do. Ha!

So I caved and signed up. Sigh. I did get sucked in big time in the beginning ... but I've learned to take a step back. Now I say if your status update is listed in my last 20 or so updates, then I got your back. If not, maybe next time. Ha!

My favorite night of the week for Facebook is Monday night ... as I sit watching The Bachelor, my favorite show. I'm addicted to it, I can't help it. Just like every other season, they said it would be the most dramatic ending ever. Right, right ... it has gotten a little old after all these seasons.

But this season I think they told the truth. Dramatic is right! So once the After the Rose portion of the show began, I updated my Facebook status to this ...


10:07pm March 2

And the following hysterical conversation ensued ... oh, the drama ... see how this stuff sucks you in?!

Linda Paulson Nargi at 10:08pm March 2
This is sheer craziness!!!!!!!!

Shylo Ulcak at 10:08pm March 2
I know!!! OMG!!!

Sarah Falise Masci at 10:08pm March 2
OMG what???

Lori Warner Kirby at 10:10pm March 2
Poor Melissa!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously! This is nuts. Although I have said for weeks I thought he was going to pick Molly.

Bethany Bosman Balsis at 10:10pm March 2
Sarah do you watch it? What time zone are you in? Do you want me to say?! LOL

Bethany Bosman Balsis at 10:10pm March 2
Oops, I guess there ya have it! LOL

Sarah Falise Masci at 10:11pm March 2
Yes say! I am not watching this season. :) But still dying to know of the craziness.

Bethany Bosman Balsis at 10:11pm March 2
OMG commerical, hurry up! LMAO

No kidding! Geesh...

Sarah Falise Masci at 10:11pm March 2
Is tonight the finale or something?

Bethany Bosman Balsis at 10:12pm March 2

He picked Melissa. But now at the after the final rose, he says things are not the same and he can't stop thinking about Molly! So he is breaking up with Melissa and asking Molly for another chance!

Bethany Bosman Balsis at 10:12pm March 2
Yes, the after the final rose is on now and he is about to break up with melissa

Shylo Ulcak at 10:13pm March 2
This is insane!

Crap, did I spill the beans too early....

Bethany Bosman Balsis at 10:15pm March 2
Can anyone tell if she has the ring on?

Shylo Ulcak at 10:16pm March 2
It doesn't look like it to me.

No ring. I feel uncomfortable for her...and him too. Yikes.

Bethany Bosman Balsis at 10:17pm March 2
Yeah, I can't believe they are making them do this in front of Chris and live cameras!

Bethany Bosman Balsis at 10:18pm March 2
LMAO she is like "mm hmm"

Bethany Bosman Balsis at 10:18pm March 2
Whoa, she said "you are such a bastard!"

Linda Paulson Nargi at 10:19pm March 2
She's killin' me- and it's hysterical that she just called him a ba$tard

Shylo Ulcak at 10:19pm March 2
My jaw is on the floor right now, lol

Potty mouth...LOL

Bethany Bosman Balsis at 10:21pm March 2
I love living vicariously through these people! And there was the ring. I really thought he was gonna say he wanted Deanna! LOL

Bethany Bosman Balsis at 10:21pm March 2
Ugh Michelle ... I'd be calling him more than a bastard! LMAO

He's a man of many tears. I can't wait to see what Molly says.

Joanne Hansmann Charland at 10:30pm March 2
You should post this conversation on your blog because it's flipping hilarious!

Linda Paulson Nargi at 10:40pm March 2
But.......... what is going on with her hair? It's scaring me.....

Linda, you are hysterical!

Linda Paulson Nargi at 10:48pm March 2
She's waiting for Ashton to jump out!

Jennifer Brown Hebert at 10:54pm March 2
Don't do it, Molly! He's a dog!

Bethany Bosman Balsis at 10:56pm March 2
Hell yeah we are floored, Chris!

Linda Paulson Nargi at 10:58pm March 2
This ain't right............

Part 2?? I'm not sure I can handle much more.

Shylo Ulcak at 11:03pm March 2
I know, what else could there be??

Amy Strottman Flege at 11:04pm March 2
Its all nuts it you ask me. I think he should just give up!!!!

Jennifer Brown Hebert at 11:05pm March 2
Is he going to break up with Molly on Part 2?

Jennifer Shay Toussaint at 11:33pm March 2
Reality Steve had it right! Kind of wish I hadn't know so I could have gotten surprised tonight! Can't wait for part 2

Kristen Van Meter Faulkner at 11:54pm March 2
Yes. Add this to your blog. Freakin' hilarious!


  1. "freakin' hilarious"....yeah to say the least, you have me rolling. That was so me...I cant wait to see what more can happen on part 2 lol. Nothing like putting ole' Molly on the spot ha ha

  2. Hahaha!! Facebook just sucks all your free time away. It's "EVIL" ;)
    I don't watch the Bachelor but that conversation you all had was funny!!

  3. Too funny Bethany! You have way more fun on facebook than I do!!


  4. That was good TV!!!!
    Do you think that it was all planned? Maybe he wanted Molly
    so this plan was hatched
    and they all played us?!?!
    Only they know the truth!
    I was skeptical after they
    brought last years bachelerette
    in and she said she chose the
    wrong person - now it was too late.

  5. LMAO! I read the entire conversation to Kimberly last night while on the phone. I was very dramatic...she was cracking up!

  6. I know!! I was cracking up but couldn't respond on my blackberry! What was Jason thinking? Ugghh I can't wait to tune in tonight to see what happens!!! Can't wait to join in on the postings...LOL! Oh yea, he deserved every bit of being called a bastard, heck I would have been calling him much more then that!!! hehe

  7. haha. you are funny!! cant wait to see what they come up with tonite!!

  8. Maybe Twitter is the next "thing" for you guys on Bachelor night!!!

  9. Wish I would have been in on this conversation, as I kept screaming the same exact things to my husband who absolutely hates the Bachelor and kept switching the TV to "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" on TVFood. I was ready to kill him. I also hated Molly's hair it was so ugly to the point of distraction. Every time Jason started crying, it just did not look real to me. How about dragging his kid into all of this mess? Melissa seemed different afterwards, too. I am sure it was something superficial that got Jason's panties in a bunch. I dislike him! Sorry you got sucked into Facebook, I try to warn people to save themselves, but alas, it never works, I am an addict myself. You can befriend me for tonite's Bachelor Mess Part 2, LOL!!

  10. Last night was fun! Love the post and looking forward to seeing what tonight brings:)

  11. So funny!! I didn't watch much this season except for the last few weeks!! I was shocked and was thinking everything that was in that conversation last night when we watched. My friend and I were on the phone at every commercial! Can you believe it?? LOL

  12. I just signed up for Facebook too...LOL...how funny.

    AND OMGosh is right on the Bachelor! I was so sad about this. What a wonderful guy I THOUGHT he WAS.....now can you say JERK!
    How dare he do that after what he went thru with DeAnna.

  13. LOL...and oh, so glad you put this conversation on your blog. I gave up TV for Lent and really wanted to watch last night!!

  14. So this is what I miss not having my laptop....I am so buying a new power cord, I so needed someone to talk to during the show, I was so mad! This was hilarious to read, thanks!