Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Date Night

No, I'm not talking about a date with my husband. Although we are long overdue for one.

Tonight Mason and I went to the movies all by ourselves. I tried to talk him into seeing Hannah Montana, but once he found out Monsters vs. Aliens was playing, Hannah Montana went down the drain. Yes, I really want to see the Hannah Montana movie.


Monsters vs. Aliens actually was really cute. For a cartoonish movie, it held my attention the entire time. Except for the part where the punk teenagers behind me thought it would be funny to flick their drink on me. That distracted me ... and I'll have you know I stared them down and let them know what I thought about it. Seriously punks ... I'm sitting here with my five year old and you are going to flick your drink on me?


So Mason and I moved seats, I let the steam flow out of my ears and we watched our movie. Oh, and we munched on nachos, popcorn and Nestle Crunch balls ... you know, those things. What in the heck are they called?! I'm having a total brain fart right now. Anyway ... none of this was great for my diet, but whatever ... I get a free day, right?


  1. bunch a crunch I think? (the nestle crunch balls)

    and the hannah montana movie isn't bad!

  2. buncha crunch!!! now I'm hungry

  3. I want to see The Hannah movie too. Wanna go? My daughter has a free ticket she got in a Wii game so I am going... just not sure when. Glad you stared the punks down before moving.

  4. i thought your free day was easter???
    or is this a new week?

  5. Sounds like a great date night! And you just gave me a good idea - although it will have to wait until I've recovered from newborn hangover. LOL

  6. What a special date! I love spending one on one time with my oldest. We just went on a mall date last night. You see such a difference in them when it's just the two of you.

  7. so sweet that you and Mason were able to have a "date night"! I saw people answered your question about "bunch a crunch" for some reason "popables" came to mind, maybe "popables" are similar???

    hopefully you and your husband can have a date night soon too!

  8. if i could i would love to baby sit your kids so you could have a date with your DH

    for some reason i wasnt interested on that movie, but i think ill have to watch it someday