Friday, April 10, 2009


Me: Why are you guys doing push ups?
Mason: Because Mom, that is healthy for our body.
Me: That's right. That is healthy for your bodies.


Mason: Mommy, look! That car has Sponge Bob and Tweety Bird on the window.
Me: Yeah, I see.
Mason: But Mommy, I'm not allowed to watch Sponge Bob.
Me: That is right, Bubs. You are not allowed to watch Sponge Bob.
Mason: Yeah, because he says bad words that you don't like.
Me: That's right. You are so smart.


Mason: Man, I love exercising. Because it is good for your heart!


  1. My kids aren't allowed to watch Spongebob either! I'm glad someone agrees with me!

  2. LOL

    I can't wait till Lil Hunter Can talk!!!

    Mason sounds like such a smart cookie!

  3. Oh and our 11 year old is only allowed to watch sponge bob. I don't know anything about spongebob and refuse to watch it because I think it is stupid, but his mom (I'm his step mom) let's him watch it and dad doesnt seem to mind if he watches it. He is allowed to watch family guy too which I am totally against but again... I'm the step parent and I really have no input.

  4. Sponge Bob has taught my 4-yr old some doozies! You are a smart mommy, It's too late for me. I'll have to admit though, I do, at times find Sponge Bob hilarious.