Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day at Preschool

Yesterday Mason's preschool put on a little thing for the Moms. They sang and signed songs, gave us gifts and we had cake. I love watching him in his element and with all his little friends ... so cute!I got a beautiful flower pot with my son growing out of it ...
... and another gift I got was a drawing of myself with a Q&A on the back. All of the kids' pictures were laid out on tables with a piece of paper covering our names. The moms had to guess which picture was us. Here is me ... looks just like me, don't ya think?
And the Q&A on the back side ... all the moms really enjoyed this. The answers given by the kids were hysterical! You can see mine down below ...
Q: How old is your mom?
A: 70.

Q: How tall is she?
A: 2 feet.

Q: How much does she weigh?
A: 200 pounds.

Q: What color is her hair?
A: Light brown.

Q: What does she do around the house?
A: She cooks. She goes for walks. She cleans.

Q: What is her favorite drink?
A: Chocolate milk.

Q: What is her favorite thing to eat?
A: Cake.

Q: What is her favorite TV show?
A: Dr. Phil.

Q: What does she cook?
A: Macaroni.

Q: Where does she like to go?
A: To the store.

Q: What is her favorite hobby?
A: Play with me.

LOL ... I was dying when I read this. I'm 70, I am two feet tall and I weigh 200 pounds. Oh, and I like to eat cake? Seriously. I never eat cake! LOL.

Funny stuff.


  1. AH AH AHA!!!

    Does that mean Mason things you are very old, short and fat? or does that mean he has no concept of height weight and age?

    Oh dear!

    I love the necklace he made for you tho! Looks fab on you!

    That's a really cool and sweet project they did for moms! What a great idea.

    Happy Mother's Day Bethany!!!

  2. CUTE!!! I love it!

    Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day : )

  3. That is about the funniest thing I ever read. . . 2 feet tall .. . 70 . . . 200lbs . . . that cracks me up! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Well at least you go for walks, to burn off all that cake you eat! Hahahah - SO CUTE!!

  5. Oh, that is so cute! Now I want to go look for the one Laurie did a few years back.

  6. How adorable! I love the Q&A idea. So fascinating to see how the munchkins really see Mommy!

  7. Well, according to my son's paper from Pre-K my favorite show is Scooby Do and my favorite food is Green Beans

  8. kids never lie!!!!!!


    that was too funny! i think im going to steal it for tomorrow's class at church

  9. hmm... well with all the chocolate milk and cake I guess I can see how you could grow to 200 pounds, even if you are just 2 feet tall, while sitting around watching Dr. Phil. LOL too funny, and very cute!

  10. that q & a was such a cute idea! you are one hot chick for 70 years old :) your eyes and eyelashes are BEAUTIFUL in the picture he drew of you... i love the necklace he made for your picture too!

    happy mother's day!

  11. That is too cute!! You are very talented Mr. Mason. I LOVE the projects the kids make at school. I got the cutest Mothers Day gifts from the boys this morning was a flower pot with a picture:)

  12. Love it!! According to my Kindergartener I am 5 feet tall and 30 pounds. They had a fill-in-the-blank poem they did.

    Yeah, the pic looks just like you!!

  13. LOL @ the answers & cool thing they put on at the school!

  14. That questionaire is very funny!! LOL At least he got the chocolate milk right! ;)

  15. How funny!! He's going to enjoy looking at that questionairre in a few years.

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