Monday, June 1, 2009

Quick, Little Getaway

This past weekend we took a quick, little trip to New York for my cousin's wedding. My father is one of seven children, so we have a really great time when we all get together.

Padric and Carrie tying the knot ...
Mason having fun at the wedding reception ...
We had a family picnic at a local state park. We played games ... softball, horseshoes, frisbee, softball ... ahem, what happened to my softball skills?

The state park had this city overlook ...
Here is half of the family ...
My sister and brother-in-law ...
My babies ...
Payton ... she is deep in thought ...
Mason ... he is deep in thought too ...
Nika throwing a volleyball ... go PT skills!
Kick it, Nika! Doesn't she look so dainty in this picture? So cute!
Playing with Daddy ...
"Give her a hug!"
Chicky running ... I love how she runs!
Chicky playing with Daddy ...
Kicking the ball ... go Chicky with your PT skills!
Mason playing frisbee ...
Little stinker!


  1. beautiful kids! beautiful family
    and amazing pics :)

    abrazos y bendiciones

  2. Ditto Ali!!!

    What beautiful scenery! Great days! Great pics! Nika has come so far in 6 months, OMG!!!

  3. Awesome pics!!! Love outdoor fun with the kiddos. But dude.... thats a volleyball, not a soccer ball. LOL.

  4. Those are great fun family time pictures! I love the last one of Nika!

  5. Great pics! You look FANTASTIC, btw! I love everyone's outfits! :)

  6. those are all great pic!! Nika cracks me up in that last one!!

  7. Awesome pics. I've been wondering why there were no posts but I see your catching up, lol!

  8. I am soooo excited to see that you are coming to the convention this summer! Are you bringing your gorgeous family? Looking forward to meeting you!

  9. ADORABLE! What a great little family getaway!