Monday, June 29, 2009

Three Day Recap: A Trip. A House. A Sliver.

Unfortunately, we missed Field Trip Friday this past week. Err, actually, our field trip consisted of a long drive in the car to New York. Note to self: Never, ever leave DC during rush hour on a Friday night. What could have been a 4.5 hour trip turned into a 6.5 hour trip. We discussed with Mason what we saw along the way, but mostly all he cared about was this ...

Are we there yet?

How much longer?

Are we going to be there before dark?

I remember annoying my parents with those questions when I was little. Since when do I have a kid that is old enough to do that? Geesh ... that makes me feel old.

On with the story, right?

We went up to New York ... Binghamton area, not NYC ... for my cousin's graduation party. We stayed in my aunt and uncle's guest house ... no cell phones, no computers and not even any pictures. Gasp! We had a great time hanging out with family and basically doing nothing ... just the way I like it. Ha.


I actually was born in the Binghamton area and we lived there for a short time after I was born. I have been back there only a handful of times in my life, even though I have family that lives there. This time, I decided that I wanted to see the house we lived in when I was a baby.

I'm historical like that.
So yeah, there is the house. I'm told it hasn't changed in 33 years.


They are slivers. Or splinters ... I guess it depends on your use of the English language.

Small.pieces.of.wood. In.his.hand. Yeouch.

So I mentioned we stayed in my aunt and uncle's guest house over the weekend. The house was built in 1800 and something ... so it is real old. The walls were built with wide slats of wood and these days, they are very rustic.

Rustic as in not smooth wood.

Not smooth wood as in you will get a sliver if you touch it.

Mason was trying to take off his swimsuit and lost his balance. Naturally, he put his hand out to catch himself, although he fell when he was doing it. And ran his hand down that very rustic, sliver yielding wood. And screaming ensued. And tears. And yeouches.

My poor baby.

Since his hand was wet from just spending an hour or so in the pool, I think his skin soaked the slivers right up. I got out the tweezers and a needle and went to work. While he screamed and winced. He seriously had about 50 slivers in his hand. After removing about 20, we had to take a break. His hand was completely red and raw. Many of the slivers were really deep, requiring the needle ... and that pretty much put Mason over the edge.
So this is a picture of his hand about 36 hours after it happened ... there are still a good 20 slivers in there. Mason keeps telling me his hand feels better, but I know better than that. Tomorrow I am going to try to remove more after he plays in the pool for awhile.

I'm hoping for success. Hoping. Praying.


  1. Bethany,

    Get some Oragel and put it on the area. It will numb it for Mason and make taking the sliver out much less painful. I read that tip in a magazine once!! Good luck!

    Susan in Boston

  2. Poor Mason! I had one sliver to get out of my own hand yesterday and thought that was painful. I can't imagine trying to get 50 out. Good luck with the remaining slivers.

  3. No no no! Don't play in the pool!!!! Water makes the slivers EXPAND and splinter MORE, breaking them apart in the skin! A lesson I learned the hard way when I was 13, got a large sliver in my foot while walking on a dock. I got sand in it, so ran to the beach to put my foot in the water and get the sand out. Yeah...landed me in the hospital with a nasty infection, getting the now MULTIPLE slivers out surgically! I know the ones in Mason's hand are small, but when they splinter more they'll be impossible to get out!

  4. ouchies Alana has a few in her feet from the bark at the park but she wont let me touch them

  5. Poor baby, you know that has to hurt!

  6. Ohhhhh Bethany!!! My mouth fell open and dropped more and more as I read the story! Yeooooowwwww! Oh man, I hate having to get ONE splinter out of Aleena - I'm so sorry for you and Mason!!!! :(

  7. Owwww, poor Mason, that looks so miserable! Lots of Neosporin to avoid infections. Binghamton is about 90 minutes from us, we usually go to their Buddy Walk.

  8. oh that looks terribly painful. Poor little guy.
    Martha S.