Thursday, July 9, 2009

Coupon Heaven

I am completely intrigued by couponers ... these people who go out and get $100 worth of groceries for like $5. That is just craziness. But like I said, I am totally intrigued.

So awhile ago I started following a few couponing blogs. I started clipping and printing coupons ... and then I got sick of it because it is sooo much work!

But I am a determined chick. So today I went at it again ... and I am proud of what I got! It was hardly $100 worth of groceries for $5, but I saved almost 50% off my bill!

Here is what I got ... retail value $74.43 ... I paid $39.71 ...
7 boxes Kashi waffles
2 boxes Kashi cereal bars
1 box 100 calorie snack cookies
2 lb strawberries
3 containers sliced turkey meat
4 frozen pizzas
3 single serving Edy's ice cream
1 pack Yoplait yogurt
2 travel size Crest toothpaste
1 bottle Listerine
1 bottle Oil of Olay body wash
2 boxes Nexcare bandaids
1 package Keebler grasshopper cookies

Pretty good, don't ya think?


  1. OMG! I think you did great. Where did you find the coupon blogs?

  2. Good job Bethany! I am a coupon girl, we have to be with our family, I love it when I come home with awesome deals! It also makes it so I have more to give to our church for the food pantry!

  3. Here is one blog I follow ... she also often links to others, so I end up clicking and clicking and clicking. :)

  4. Oops, link might help!

  5. I've been couponing for a few years now. It all depends on how much time I have. Where did you get the Kashi coupons? Of course my grocery store doesn't take internet Q's. Great haul!

  6. I'm more impressed that you took the time to display your items so nicely for us ;)...I would love to "learn" the coupon secrets. Now I have to go check out that blog!

  7. Oh, you are striking my guilty nerve! Every time I see someone in front of me at the store, handing over coupons, and they I see MY total, I want to kick myself for being the most un-frugal person I know. I need to change that, I really do. I'm going to try..who will hold my hand? LOL

  8. I love it. I have tried on and off and always feel like I should be using my coupons but then I see those crazy loads of groceries for 5 bucks and it is all stuff that we don't use or eat and I get discouraged. You made a great haul on good stuff.

  9. We always here about coupons on American shows. Lol we dont have them you did great.
    I paid $8 for a pumpkin just last week and strawberries (in season here ATM) are $5.99a punnet. We spend so much on food and fuel (Now $1.31 a litre was as high as $1.59) it’s crazy

  10. I should have also added that this all came from Super Target. I had Target coupons which are available online mostly and a few manufacturer coupons. Target always has Kashi coupons, and Kashi brand is so good for you. Also, the Kashi website has a coupon area, but it limits the amount of times you print. So I just made color copies of them and they took them. :)

  11. It's so funny to see you post about this. I've recently become obsessed with coupons in anticipation of being done working at the end of this month and trying to stock up and save as much as possible before we go down to one paycheck! I've been clipping, stacking coupons and hitting the double coupon days at the grocery store like it's my only purpose in life! It's such a little rush to see what you got and how much you saved! Nice work, we'll have to swap success stories and share tips as we both become coupon queens!

  12. way to go bethany.. want to send me some tips???

  13. haha we (mexicans , or at least in my area) , have an aweful bad hanbit of Not using coupons. dont know why. but we dont have that culture.

    Some stores when print the tickets, on the back you get coupons! mostly for restaurants, so we use that quit often mostly for pizza

    I like the cupons where I take Elias to cut his hair, the 5 th cut is free HA!

    well, is awesome, because I will use cupons when we go to Laredo, haha that will worth the road and my money

  14. OK, So I went to the site you posted and printed the coupons for Super Target ( is right down the road from my house). Then I realized it was midnight and went to bed. The next day Grace and I took our coupons for our treasure hunt. Our total before the coupons $30. Our total after coupons......$4!!!! I even splurged on a bag of potato chips that I know Jared likes even tho' the coupon wasn't that great of savings so if I didn't buy the chips our total would have been $2!!! Now I'm hooked...but how much printer ink will I be using to make it worth it ;).

  15. Wow Bethany! That's awesome! It may be a pain, but it's so worth it in the end. I need to get into that more!

  16. another coupon blog I follow is

    I always cut coupons and watch the circulars. I have my BJ's coupons set for BTS shopping and I have over $80 worth of coupons for $120 worth of takes a while to organize but that is what we will be doing tomorrow. Fun fun! Love saving money!